• hmm… these seem rotated 90-degrees clockwise… i'm sensing an old-ish small truck or station wagon, something with a tailgate, possibly Japanese…

    • My first thought was Volare/Aspen station wagon, but those are a single lens unit. Then I figured it was an Australian wagon, then I figured it was a Gaz24 Estate, but looks like the Russians might have copied their lenses from Chrysler.

    • As I said earlier – I used to own a '71 Travelall, but it was nowhere near as nice as this one. Mine had few options when new and even fewer by the time I bought it 15 years later.

      It was a lumbering, wallowing, hulk of a beast with terminal rust. The fenders would flap in the breeze, and the driver's door needed a lift when closing. When the hood hinges rotted out, I removed them the rest of the way bare-handed and replaced with surface mount gate hinges and a 2×2 prop stored in front of the radiator. The prop also proved useful for whacking the balky starter. The rear wheel wells had rotted through to the inside, so I lined the bed with visqueen duct taped to the window sills to control the interior spray when it rained. It got about 10 mpg and roughly doubled in value whenever I filled the tank. At one fill, the tank actually gave way and slid down out of the fender.

      I think I paid $100 for it, and sold it for $75 two years later.

      – John

    • @Hunsbloger – Are you talkin' to me? Hey, someone had to get the ball rolling on a Whatsit sitting out there for like an hour, unsolved.

      OK? I gave it my best shot, which included dropping the image into Photoshop, rotating it to what seemed like the natural vertical orientation, cloning and flipping, then lining the two sets of lights up and dragging one side-to-side until it looked like a reasonable proportion. With nothing in the middle to intervene, narrower worked better, and I don't think anyone would suggest the proportions of the rear of a Travelall are anything *but* Spinal Tap "mud flap".

    • No not at all, I was suffering my own humiliation for looking at small ferrin cars when it was a big old domestic utility mobile.

    • jlh/John – What is that filler cap on the right front fender? I noticed there's a gas filler door on the left rear corner;so what is the filler cap in the front? (Gasoline Heater?)

  • When we had Harvesters I always thought that they looked like what would happen if you designed a truck to use whatever they were having a sale on at the auto parts store. Not a bad thing, see any older Lotus, Lamborghini, Maserati, Jenson etc.
    I swear that those look very mopar in a general sort of way.

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