• What the heck is a Beijing Jeep BJ 212?

    Communist jeep hiding out across the border in Canada. Alert the troops!

    [image src=" trbimg.com/img-53b59325/turbine/chi-patriotic-jeep-20140702-010/600/600×338" width="400px"/]

    • Just the thing that we Canuckistanis will need to get over that wall that is scheduled to go up in 2017.

      But seriously, how did you find this thing? When I dumped that picture into Google Image search, all that came back were pics of kitchen cabinets.

    • I actually found it surprisingly quickly. I just went: eBay Motors > Classic Cars > Other Makes > then scrolled down the page until I found something that look like a Chinese knockoff of a Jeep/Land Rover.

      Don't tell anyone, but that "Other Makes" section is where the real gems are. It's the land of misfit toys for cars. For example, this ex-US Postal Service Jeep Gasser! I damn near hit 'Buy It Now' on this at first sight.

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