• Why do people insist on doing conversions like this on interesting cars? It never makes a better car.

    There are thousands of Geo Metros just itching for a second life (or possibly a first life, in the case of the Metro). Please leave the classics alone…..

  • Bob, I agree with you, but if it makes you feel a little better, I'm 99% sure that the pre-conversion car was a Beck replica, and not an actual Speedster.

  • those look like lithium batteries.

    and it always amuses me people who gripe about somebody else's garage build. if they have the money and time, why do you care exactly? if it your car, dont do it or dont sell it. see, just solved your problem.

    • Anon- We have offered similar advice in the past. Scroll to the bottom of the link for this XJ6, which was carefully posed before a similarly challenged background.

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