• Its a leyland tractor, probably a 384 or other post nuffield model as the blue and silver pinstripe and decal kit denotes also missing factory grill.

  • A Leyland 255 tractor, like this one?
    [img src=" billeder.bazoom.dk/traktor/galleri/2/l/6269/leyland-255.jpg" style="height:318px; width:425px"/]

    • I'll have to share the crown between you, Marc and KBZ – it is indeed a Leyland tractor that happens to be sitting across the street from a brewery local to me in Anchorage, Alaska. Sitting, sipping a beer at Cynosure Brewing with the word LEYLAND crying out to me from across the street made certain I would eventually have to investigate. I believe it's a Leyland 270, missing its grille, as noted, and also sporting a nice hole in the side of the engine block, which may be why it hasn't moved much in a while.

      Google maps has it here a while, hiding behind a semi trailer.

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