• What look like Recaro L or LW seats in leather, a bus gauge panel but much narrower, manual shifter, my first girlfriend's underwear where her next boyfriend apparently glued it on the dashboard.

    No clue.

  • I'm guessing some kind of kit car. None of the parts look familiar except the Recaro seats. The steering wheel looks like something GM could have came up with in the late 80's. The Dash looks totally custom. You got me on this one..

  • [img] yankees.lhblogs.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/winner.jpg[/img]

    Way to go, Doug! Sadly, Mosler gave up trying a couple of years ago. Fortunately, the company lives on with Rossion.

  • I went with the Mosler version because of the map pocket thingy on the dash in front of the passenger seat; it is in a lot of the early images of the GTP. Didn't know about the Rossion acquisition…always think of that firm in the context of the Noble M400/M12 derivatives.

    • Mosler is the name a lot of people know now. At the time, the car was just known as the Consulier GTP. According to my records, the carmaker was registered as Consulier Industries, Inc and it was located inside the Mosler Auto Car Center in Riviera Beach, Florida. There were several other businesses operating under the same roof, all owned by Warren Mosler of course.

      I took this picture in 1990. Sorry for the poor scan. I got a test drive, but was unable to really push the limits. Mainly because I did not have $50K in my pocket. I kept thinking to myself that this was the closest I'd gotten to driving a car that felt like a go-cart.

      The recent discussion here on DT regarding the turbo Chyrsler four-cylinders reminded me of my brief encounter with the GTP, which featured that engine – spectacularly. There were lots of interesting things about the GTP, the main one being the windshield. Most people were divided on its design (ha!).

  • i'm not divided, i call it 100% ungainly, inelegant, bulbous and odd – then again, so am i – where can i drive one? (oops, huge photo, trying again…)

    [img] i.imgur.com/sBPuDlI.png?1[/img]

    • Poor Mosler. He tried so hard. While I've never taken a car from idea to fruition like he did and so it's unfair of me to criticize, there's just no getting around it; the GTP was ugly. One could say that it was all about function, not form. Still, they were no Subaru. Future efforts were arguably better.

      Mosler Raptor/MT 900
      [img] creativeripples.com/shanehamblyn/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/mosler-raptor-gtr_600x0w.jpg[/img]

    • Another shot of the split windshield of the GTP/Raptor(first version).

      [img] 4.bp.blogspot.com/-qiXk-93QRWw/TadEIvvAv9I/AAAAAAAAABQ/PN8V6ws558I/s1600/Raptor+05.jpg[/img]

    • The smooth windshield cars were a bit better.

      [img] blog.hemmings.com/wp-content/uploads//2010/06/1990ConsulierGTP_01_700.jpg[/img]

  • And let us not forget this creation as well.

    [img] i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s–1Vnig_Zr–/17dq826jbb9q5jpg.jpg[/img]

    • Mosler was quite prolific with his experimental vehicles, including that Eldo. I recall he was inspired by C/D's Super Synchronicity twin-engine CRX.

      It's funny because I was thinking how multi-engine cars have always been on the fringe of cardom. But then I realized how many hybrids are out there from major manufacturers. So, maybe it wasn't such a crazy idea, they just needed to be of different kinds.


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