• I think it is too narrow for an Andenauer Mercedes but some have the upright rear lights and bulbous trunk detail, roof line seems close.
    But I will go with a 1950s Ford Taunus.

  • I'll guess a Standard Vanguard Phase II. Extra sheet metal fold below the windows, vertical tail light arrangement, rounded rear window, triangle glass on rear door, rain gutter profile, and generally matching proportions.

    [image src=" motorbase.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2007/05/08/fs_fs_1954_vanguard_rear_left_view.jpg" width="400px"/]

    • My only problem with this is that the car in the video seems to be Left Hand Drive and all i could find pictures of were rhd Vanguards. Also noticed that most Vanguards seem to have wing mirrors and the one in the video has mirrors on the doors

    • This. The door handle locations when viewing the car briefly from the side shot as well as the unique window frames seems to confirm it. So it's an English car after all. I was sure it was a German make.

    • I did a little more research and there were in fact left hand drive Standard Vanguards. I'm not entirely convinced that's what we're looking at though.
      I think it may be an early 50s Simca Aronde:
      [image src=" thetransportjournal.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/simca-aronde-1954_3.jpg?w=458&h=343" width="400px"/]
      Chrome over the license plate is a better fit, overall very similar shape to the Vanguard but probably more commonly found in LHD

    • I like that answer a lot. I'm talking myself into the faint evidence of a squared roof corner in the video at the front of the car too. Other evidence also matches. Simca Aronde seems like the right answer.

      [image src=" cdn.pinthiscars.com/images/1959-simca-aronde-wallpaper-3.jpg" width="400px"/]

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