• I wonder if the driver's side bucket has the 90-degree swivel that was available on the better equipped Cutlasses of that era. Its a MA car, so an underpowered V8 with a manual in a relatively heavy car would be GREAT in the snow!

    I do like this guy's admonishment to the scammers though….

  • My first car was a '77 Cutlass Supreme. 350 automatic. Absolutely gutless, but I loved it with all the passion that can only be reserved for a sixteen-year-old's first. I still pine for one thirty years later, but alas, they have all but disappeared from my salty midwest roads. I was delighted to discover, upon reading the owner's manual, that a manual transmission was available as an option. From then on, I harbored fantasies of a swapping in a 5-speed. Never happened, though, but I always wondered…

  • My first car was a 78 with the 260 V8, what a terrible engine. Rated at 110HP if I'm not mistaken.
    $6,900, LOL.

  • In Massachusetts a car that is older than a 1984 has to be registered as a "Classic Car." That means there is a limit on how many miles you can drive it a year. People get around it by registering the car in New Hampshire (through a friend or relative) where they don't care.

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