• Sigh…. where do I start? 2CVs are wonderfully reliable. They could not have sold 7 million (including all variants) if they were junk…. not even to the French! And as for handling, do not confuse extreme lean with lack of road holding. A 2CV will stick to the tarmac until well after you decide to lift out of fear of scraping your elbow on the asphalt.

    I will grant that this particular example will be slow, but that will become evident mostly on the highway. Around town, it will at least feel reasonably snappy. It just runs out of poop way sooner than you might expect.

    If this had the later 602 cc engines (29-33 bhp, depending on vintage) it would be fully competent, even on the highway (at least in the slow lane).

    However, DT was right about one thing: the mile-wide grin. That is guaranteed!

    • Bobinott — I'm glad you saw this one, because I KNEW I was going to get grief for writing something negative about the 2CV…I almost mentioned you by name!!

  • To paraphrase the Great Commoner – never have so few spent so much for so little.

    Now, that said…you buy something like this because you've watched too many old French movies, and like that two pack a day Gauloise habit, health and safety have nothing to do with it.

    Nowadays…sheesh. Interesting experiment: go find a friend who's got a kid of near-driving age and bring the conversation around to the idea of that kid driving a car without an *airbag*.

    Or find someone who has one of those recalled Takata Face Removers and suggest that the simplest and best solution until they can actually replace your airbag is simply to UNPLUG IT.

    Wimp Central, we are.

  • Peter Egan did a great story about traveling across the country in one of these many years back. The back had been converted into (the world's smallest automotive?) camper.

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