• A thought:

      Some electric car manufacturers have talked about installing speakers/sound systems to "voice" their super quiet cars. Idea is to warn pedestrians that are accustomed to hearing a car approach.

      Why not muffle a car, make it REALLY quiet? I know, you're sucking away power. But if you have a 350 on a 1000 lb car, what's a few HP? Nothing.

      Then, install a sound system with speakers hidden, but projecting sound OUTSIDE the car.

      Tie a synthesizer to the accelerator, and you could have the engine sound of ANY CAR YOU WANTED.

      Think of it: A Ford that sounds like a Ferrari! Or a lambo. Or a 12 cylinder BMW.

      Or heck, why not a big diesel Mack truck?

      Just select the engine sound from a touchscreen on your dash. Or via a bluetooth app on your smartphone.

      Would be fun.

      -Stan (who woke up way too early this Sunday…)

    • Fun. Although, since it's a slushbox, all you really need is a volume knob to turn when you hit the gas. Or whenever, really, who would know. Could set it up to spew a plume of fake black smoke too. And sparks. Sparkles! Leave Skittles behind!

      (Guess I stayed up way too late…)

    • Bwahahahaha.

      Plus, cops would have a field day trying to find the muffler bypass when they pulled you over for being too loud.

      Couldn't have been me, officer. I have a really quiet car!


    • Bach when those greeting cards with an audio recording chip were new, a friend wired one up to a car alarm speaker as his "horn". A mix of locomotive airhorn and slam on the brakes tire screeching turned out to be really effective in NYC traffic, I mean really really effective.

  • Seems that there is a missing link.
    Well I mean although this sort of seems like a missing link, there is no link to the item on offer regardless of it's place in the family tree of impractical car-things.

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