• This seems to be one of those things that came about from a "Hey, we've got these parts and it looks like they'll fit together- I'll bet it would be awesome!" mentality rather than carefully researched marketing. I'm always happy to see when somebody manages to get this sort of exercise in crazy past management. Like the Caravan Turbo or the Mercedes minivans that shipped with an AMG V8.

    • It's actually pretty rare to see these dip below $20k. Undoubtedly that salvage title is the reason why. For whatever reason, the used market is very kind to these (cool) oddballs.

  • I think I'd rather have just an SRT Grand Cherokee. Used to see several of those while living in MI and they are an awesome sleeper, like the Caddy V-wagon.

  • They should really bring this back, but an AWD 'scat pack' with the NA 6.4 and the ZF8, and also offer extended/crew cab options as well!

    • "scat noun : an animal fecal dropping"
      Looks like just enough load capacity to pack a few animal fecal droppings, so sure why not?

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