• The tangle of wires against the firewall gives me pause – though everything else looks intriguing. This drivetrain swap deserves a massive write-up!

    I bought a K20a engine swapped Honda Insight some time ago and spent another metric ton having talented individuals sort out bad wiring, so I'm PTSD about that now.

  • Why is there an orange cord running to the steering wheel? I would love to see the underside of this thing to see how much metal they removed to get power to the rear.

  • I'm sort of curious about the transmission and rear axle ratio. Tiny little wheels got to spin pretty fast so you would think there would be a mention of that.
    There are a lot of different servo clutch systems out there dating back to the 60s , some of them even match the revs for you. I am curious what's in this.

  • It's always dangerous, buying someone else's project. Like when the seller says "90% done" you know that the remaining 10% will take HUNDREDS of hours to finish. The best swaps are done at a shop in Florida, using Honda Civic motors and retaining front wheel drive: clean, straightforward, but costs $24K.

  • There is one time in my life that I actually wired a car correctly. All new modern harnesses, master fuses and relays, gang terminals, heat fiberglass wrapped wires, everything soldered and heat shrinked. It is a luxury for sure.

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