• So you live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, and you have four grand to drop on a set of wheels. Now, being a DT reader, no regular Civic or Corolla will do, so this or the 540i from the other day?
    The BMW is an iron fist in a velvet glove that's a potential money pit. This neat little Nissan is the vehicular equivalent of 80's anime: really neat for its time, but a little ho-hum to our modern sensibilities. Plus, never forget, parts availability will be, to put it mildly, challenging.
    So, which to choose: the stern German, or the Origami time machine? Decisions, decisions…..

    • I'd advise spending that money to move from Dallas to literally anywhere else in the world. There's many, many places that are objectively good, but almost everywhere is better than Dallas.

      Scratch that, I'd rather live in Mogadishu or Kaesong than Dallas.

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