• "Expect handling to be somewhere between Beetle and Bus."

    Yeah… pretty much. Maybe more towards the bus. Cornering in one of these always was an adventure. You point that long nose in the general direction of where you want to go and the heavy rear end will kind of push you that way. Eventually.

  • Somehow, I look at this and think about how the 411 is genetically linked to the original Beetle in the same way that the Panamera is genetically linked to the 911. In the minds of the engineers involved, they'd reached the pinnacle of that layout/shape. 1975 was a much better year for VW than 1974; mainly because it didn't contain the 411 or 412! These were hideous in every respect. Some things make sense on paper, but make no sense in the real world. Ask the guys at AMC who designed the Pacer. Trying to sell both of them was painful. Thanks for renewing my shame.

  • I owned a 1972 VW 411 2-door. What is to complain about? The same engine as a Porsche 914. Standard transmission with a tall gear shift. Gas heater, huge front trunk with spare tire as protection from a frontal crash. German engineering. I want to but one NOW.

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