• I thought briefly of taking a flyer on this, visions of dog-and-teenager conveying dancing about my frontal cortex, imagining trips to the dog park, throwing the bikes in the back, or stacking guitars on the way to band practice, or taking it soft roaring through Corbett out off of Pratt and Whitney Road, all muddied and scuffed…

    And then I remembered that I f***ing hate what these represent and I want to simultaneously self-immolate my hippocampus and self-flagellate my torso for even considering such a flagrant display of hypocrisy as to even consider owning this Manifestation of the Unnatural.

    And, yes, I know that these (cash) cows finance “there is no substitute” creations out of weissach so save your forks for pitching. That’s a reflection merely of how stupid the driving public has generally become as well as their apparent simultaneous affinity for aspirational delusion and allergy to the genuine.

    Bah. Humbug.

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