• I have the twin to this that we are about to tear down for parts. it is the IS model, same colour. Good body and motor. No seats. I hate to do it, as I am sure I'll regret it one day. Just wish there was more interest in these!

    • Yeah, it is funny that the 2002 and the E30 is so popular and these not so much.
      My dad had one, brown with gold Eniki 92 wheels. We put 350,000 miles on the original drive train.
      I had my mom buy him a sweet Alpine deck (glowing aqua buttons). I remember clearly how odd the horizontal mount of the stereo was.

    • I have to posit that the reason these aren't as valuable or popular is that the styling is awkward in comparison to its predecessor and successor. It's not a bad looking car by any means (except maybe for the diving board bumpers), but when you line up the 2002, E21, and E30…subjectively I think the majority of people would pick the E21 last in ranking attractiveness. Mechanically they're very similar to both 2002 and E30 in a lot of ways, so I don't think that has much to do with it.

    • Euro bumpers and some larger wheels and these 320's look pretty cool. I have a picture of a kermit green one with gold mesh wheels from the last Caffeine and Carburetors that was really on point.

  • I owned both an 83 320i (e21) and an 84 318i (e30) and without question the e21 was more fun to drive. The e30 was definitely 'nicer' but the e21 was just more visceral and engaging. Also had an 83 320is and that's a massive improvement. The 'is gave you not just much better seats, wheels, etc. but also much larger swea bars and a 3.90 LSD. My dream car is an Alpina e21 and not an e30 M3…

  • Well put, Keen. You crystallized the analogy perfectly, I think. The e30 have that sort of touring car, boxy-but-racy look, while the e21 looks as if it would have a little trouble finding its way off a roundabout.

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