• How clean it looks with the alternator mounted low… although the brake rotors look good a rusted so I wonder how long it's been sitting?

  • Nicely done swap. Very neat and clean. Makes me think I might even be able to handle owning a Porsche… however, if the seller actually fastens down the hood scoop shown, I would have to light it on fire.

  • There has to be a simple way to avoid cutting a hole in the hood
    62 Corvette aircleaner for example, or any of many OEM aircleaners that fit down over the carb. Cutting a hole in the hood just to use a cheap aircleaner it stupid and lazy.
    The only reason to replace 944 brakes I can think of is to sell the originals for lots of money.
    Other than that, this is cool enough.

  • Seriously, we have seen too many jigsaw holes of as of lately.

    [image src=" static.summitracing.com/global/images/prod/large/SPE-774.jpg?rep=False" width="400px"/]

  • Me likey.

    But let's be Frank (even if you're Stan, or Sean, or Vince…). Pretty much ever livin' thing on a Porch is crazy money.

    A 944 windshield wiper motor costs as much as a Japanese small block, fer Pete's sake.

    (please don't ask me how I know this…)

    Ugh, though (just looked at the last pic in the ad). Only reason to put a Corvette Summer Scoop on a beautiful car like the 944 is to scream "HEY!!!! I REPLACED THE ENGINE HERE!!!!"

    -Stan (who loved his 944, but also didn't miss the extra few grand a year he got when he sold it)

    PS Nice suggestion Sean. But methinks part of the reason for the hood scoopers are more air circ/cooling, no?

    • Sean responds, "Surely you can't be serious," prompting Stan to say, with a straight face, "I am serious. And don't call me Shirley."

      Not sure on this theory of cooling. It's not like the turbo version needed more engine compartment cooling.
      And yes, I too owned a Nein forty 4. Really fun cars. I think the Cory's 968 would have been a great project.

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