• I like it.
    Throw on the GS suspension bits if they are not already included in this package.
    You would be surprised how well a GS version can handle, really!
    Plus size the wheels an inch and throw on some Michelin Pilot Sports.
    Naturally you need some AAA stickers on the rear bumper and AARP stickers on the rear side windows.
    Remove all the supercharged badging.

    Now go out and embarrass all the FWD cars with fart cans.

    • These things were not a bad chassis.

      And the blower GS and Pontiac guys actually funded Quaife to build a helical LSD for the 4T60/65 transaxle.

      And of course there's quite a bit of power in the blower V6s (assume you've first got to get past the propensity of this generation of GM motor to let its Dexcool coolant lunch on its intake manifold gaskets).

      Soooooo…most people would spend their money on an E39 540i but you can have a surprisingly quick Regal GS if that really floated your boat and you're prepared to spend a few bucks.

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