• Its great to see my BIL acknowledged for his mad skills!->Now, FuelTruck! now, Dascpcu! now, Doctordel! and Andy Liss!

  • What a Cor-vairy nicely crafted rhyme. I'm so touched I'm left in a puddle of tears like oil under an old British (car, bike,airplane, lawnmower).
    Merry Christmas to the DT-staff and readers. Thanks for making this a great place to hang out everyday.

  • Bravo! I'd imagine that some days, the thought of putting out a few write-ups seems more like homework than a labor of love, but for those of us out here in the ether, this site is a wonderful little escape from the daily drudgery. Thanks for all the quality reading material served fresh and hot every day. Now off to get jiggy with the figgy (pudding).

  • Compliments not only on this verse, but also on the whole DT Holiday Theme. Very well done.
    (BTW I am humbled and flattered to appear in the verse)

    From the Great White North (which is remarkably green this year), I wish one and all a "Good Yule".

  • Go tell it on the mountain
    Over the hills and everywhere
    Go tell it on the mountain
    Donner threw a rod

    Happy holidays, everyone, I got my Christmas present: a long-immobile project car fired and moved under its own power two days ago.

  • Merry Chrysler and a happy new yorker. (Wow, im not really a mopar guy but it seemed funny when I started typing). Anyhoo, enjoy the holiday.

  • Y'all give me a little gift every day, DT. I know 'tis better to give than to receive but I happily feed at the DT treasure trough.

    I'm thinking I'll start accumulating 1800es and become the Magnus Walker of that model. You know, as a gift to myself I think I'll ditch this doctor gig so I can hoard and customize these future classics. Maybe I'll sell one or two, but mainly for my own amusement. That's a good personal wellness gift, I think.

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