• Ahhhh, as you guys allude, it sure sounds like the early stages of IMS failure. If you want a new (reman) engine, you can figure the total price of this car to be about $27k, as the engine is going to run about $18k.

    At that point, it's not exactly in bargain territory anymore, and Ryan's LS conversion probably makes a lot more sense.

    From what it looks like though, the seller is just trying to find a sucker to cut his losses, and it should be priced a LOT less than this.

  • Just got done helping (and by help, I mounted the power steering pump haha) my in laws drop an LS3 into a a C4S just like this one using the Renegade Hybrids kit.

  • An aircooled VW is just stupid why not a Subie Wrx no i know i would hate that with twin Starbucks exhaust….Take it out with an A-10 Warthog to do some weight saving's…..

  • Ls3 actually isnt crazy in this case, except i bet youd end up more than half way to that 18k than seems reasonable. Which is why i suggest junkyard (aluminum) truck ls. And just a typical cheap ls swap.
    Or go all in and then throw a cheap turbo set up on it and have a full on crazy junkyard turbo 911.

    Oh wait its auto… maybe as a drag car? Not sure how tough those trannys are

  • I agree with everything written here, but as far as the price is concerned, you don't seem to be figuring in the fact it comes with an owners manual and original keys.

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