• It bugs me when people talk about "how pregnant" someone is. My response is that pregnancy is a binary condition. You either are, or aren't.

  • The AC in thee are known to be problematic. Needs more than a recharge. Trust me..
    I had one. Great highway cruisers but very maintenence intensive.

  • "These wagons are getting harder to find"… but not at the wrecking yard! Thank god, they've almost all been sent to recycle heaven!

  • So for an old geezer such as myself who remembers when MBZ made the w114 and w123 that were suitable for taxi use and would go 400,000 miles without any fuss except for that stupid vacuum system, what’s the most recent over engineered mbz taxi? Or do I have to get a land cruiser?

    • Hugh- most any w124 diesel fits the bill. It is a shame we never got the OM605 4 valve 5 cylinder diesel that came in the W202 in Europe.

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