• At first I thought – Pretty cool!
    Then I looked at the interior. Autotragic and 500lbs of woofers. To me this is a confusing build.

    • I think it's for the type of person who wants to floor it on interstate on-ramps, and that's all. Cruising with the occasional tire roast for fun's sake. But FWD turbo instead of the more traditional RWD V8 muscle formula. Same thing, different execution. In my mind anyway.

      I think it'd be fun to take a 5-spd manual Corolla or Matrix and add this same turbo kit with decent suspension & brakes, for AutoX or track days.

  • Just discovered this post. I'm actually the one who did the build on this car. It was a really fun car and a fun build. I regretted the woofers and only included them in the sale. They sat in my garage most of the time until I sold it.

    The transmission was actually quite good with the rebuild. Looked into doing a MT swap but it would've required a lot of modifications and expense.

    For the rear brakes, I was waiting for them to wear out then I was planning a rear axle swap with a Corolla XRS which is the only good way to do rear disc brakes.

    But all that said, it had great cornering ability and cars I'd lose to in straight line racing I'd beat with any cornering involved. Kind of miss this car now that I see this post.

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