• Vacuum and upholstery cleaner could go a long way on this.
    I would like to drive this with possibly wider wheels and modern performance tires.
    We have discussed the riveted fender flares on here before but it might be a great way to fit a 235/40 17 on this rig. Could be a blast on the autoX track.

  • These always were, of course, rad. But their pedestrian lotmates that made up the vast majority of I-marks on the road BITD seemed so blah. Oh how things change…

    …fast forward to 2017 and Giugiaro's design looks pure and light and airy and oh-so-European. Hot hatch version or econobox, this was some of his best work, IMO. Example: lacy A-pillars and the perfect greenhouse proportions. I loves me some Sonic and Fiesta and Maz3, but they are, design-wise, bloated adult cousins squeezed into Sex Pistol t's compared to this lithe little hottie.

  • Meh, I get that these were cool and all, but I think nostalgia is making us grow fonder than we maybe should be. These were horrible when new, and couldn't touch the competition. A 16v Mk2 GTi was head and shoulders over this car.

    As for the styling, it's ok, but it blended into the wallpaper when placed on the same showroom floor as a same-gen Impulse Turbo.

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