• Check carefully for rust. Mine literally rusted in half by 5 years old. That engine would make it fun, but the suspension would make it scary.

  • 70 horsepower? I learned to drive stick shift on an '81 Datsun 210 (the same one from the "Hunting Luminas" post), and that sounds very optimistic. IIRC, the factory specs were more like 50 hp.

  • My Dad had one of these growing up. The floors rusted out so badly that there were water spots on the headliner. I can remember poking my finger at some of the rustier bits and watching chunks fall off.

  • Possible (but 4/5 scale) "General Li" tribute car? (Were it from China)

    Or am I the only one who sees some 69' Charger Stance happening here?

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