• Anyone here ever driven one? I have not but would like too. I did not know they had such low HP. Needs a supercharger.

  • Not so much horsepower, but also not so much weight.
    This is the first one I have seen in black, which sort of looks like Darth Vader's handbag.

  • I recall seeing a video comparison of this car and the same era Boxster (non-S model) and they were very evenly matched on acceleration and handling. I would assume the Toyota has much better reliability and lower parts costs, plus I believe there are a few turbo kits available if you're looking for more oomph.

  • Almost bought one a few years back but went with a Miata. MR2 is more unique but no trunk space and you are driving what people called at the time a poor man's Boxster, which in turn is a poor man's 911. That's a little unfair but it is what it is. Plus people remember the much better earlier supercharged MR2. Miatas are great cars BTW. I certainly would not assume a Toyota is more reliable than a Porsche.

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