• I've seen a ton of better ways to go 'jeepin.

    Also, an Automatic jeep is just bad. Not even a witty metaphor, it is just wrong.

  • Heres one with only 40k more miles (at that point what's the difference) in a better color, with more substantial rolling stock, and a stick/4.0. What, about 1/2 the price. This was a 30 second process to find this one, literally 1000's like it…


  • Arthur,
    Your example is four years older and has only a soft top, color is a personal opinion, substantial rolling stock??
    I agree the transmission being an auto is kinda blah, but a DD to the ol work place then home it might be OK. Looks like this one is a commuter, not a crawler.

  • Man, the YJ and TJ chassis had very little in common actually. A huge difference was the YJ riding on leaf springs and the TJ on coils.

  • I despise slushomatics as much as the next guy, but on steep inclines uphill and at speeds of -1 to 2 mph with left foot braking they have some advantages. I used to drive a stick shift diesel Mercedes in San Francisco where the only way to go uphill from a standing start involved dropping the clutch and proceeding to 3 miles an hour in a small cloud of smoke and tire screeching.

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