• Ahh the Pulsar NX…I had the joy of driving these and TRYING to sell them when they were new. Sold a couple but always with just the hatchback. because the sportback panel was only available for purchase as a stand alone part from the dealer. I don't remember the exact price but when added to the sticker price (which did include the hatchback) the car became pretty expensive. Also, that panel was heavy enough that it required two people to lift off the hatchback and install it if you were at all concerned about damaging either the car or the sportback panel. The other challenge was, you had to pick a nice day to return to pick it up from the dealer as you had to show up with the hatch off so that there was a place to put it. (or the dealer could follow you home with it in the back of a pickup) (Nissan Hardbody of course)
    People loved looking at them and loved seeing the salespeople demonstrate how easy it was to convert the car into its various configurations, but after the show was over, the customers always commented how cool it was and then asked about the car that they were originally intending to look at.
    Fun, but very small audience.

  • Let's see… this is just on the other side of Atlanta from me. And the engine on my daily driver is half disassembled trying to fix a weird overheating issue and low compression on one cylinder. If the problem is still there when I get the engine back together, I hope this car is too!

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