• My parents had one of these when I was in elementary school in the late '80s, in black with the stick. It replaced our stick-shift Dodge Colt Vista 4WD. My dad still has very fond memories of both cars.

  • One of the most interesting ones to me is that you can still by a 2016 Ram 2500 diesel truck and get it with a 6-speed manual as a no-cost option. Not sure if any of the other full size trucks still offer a stick.

  • A manual trans is still standard on several trim levels of the 2016 Honda Accord sedan w/ 4-cylinder engine, and on a few versions of the Accord coupe with both 4-cyl and V6 engines.

    Yay for Honda! You'd expect them to still offer manuals on the Civic, Fit, and smaller vehicles but the fact that a midsize+ car can still be configured with a stick is a nice surprise.

  • Not sure how, but I stumbled on this one a couple weeks back… a 2011 Camry with a six speed. I suppose if someone was forcing you to drive one, this would make the pill a little less bitter….

    [url] ebay.com/itm/2011-Toyota-Camry-/151947762208[/url]

  • 1970s and 1980s Ford vans (with the snout hood) had floor mounted 4 speeds


  • I could swear we've done this twister before, but here goes:

    Jeep Grand Cherokee….offered with a stick in 1992 MY only.

    [img] playswithcars.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/jeep3.jpg[/img]

    • Man, I've been looking for a rust free non-abused '93 (92 build date for MY 93) ZJ SE with a 5 spd forever. I came close once in eastern Oklahoma about 4 years ago, but alas someone else scooped it up before I could throw money at the guy.

      Talk about hen's teeth…

  • Porsche Cayenne….only available in previous-gen GTS version and base V6 models.

    [img] globalautosports.com/car-images/Porsche/Cayenne-GTS/65614/8.JPG[/img]

  • Well, I will offer one from decades back: Ford Fairmont 200 cu-in 6 cylinder.

    At one time, I was big into those cars (especially wagons), and one night I found a clean wagon on a used car lot. The sales guy was really eager when he saw me looking at it. Really willing to deal too, immediately dropping 20% off the price on the windshield. When I looked inside, I figured out why: it was a four-speed manual. That is the only one I ever saw, across probably 10 years of 6-cyl Fairmont chasing. Of course I bought it, but not until they got down to 50% of the original asking price! I have to admit that the shifter was horrible, more like a truck than any car I had ever driven.

  • Oooh, I like this game. The 1978 Olds Cutlass could be had with a 5 speed. I think it was a Saginaw. This era of Olds just seemed way too boxy and luxurious to have a stick.

    [img] media.photobucket.com/user/Reason1/media/1978%20Cutlass%20Calais%205-speed/78CutlassInt.jpg.html[/img]

    • Yeah, it was an ultra-wide-ratio version of the old Toploader IIRC. They were a complete slug, but it was a manual transmission…

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