• An alphabetical list would make the sorting easier, you know…

    Model A

    • I would pull the 300ZX out of that lineup for my garage…. same motor as my Pathfinder!…. Maybe sell the Benz to my manager since he really likes them, light the "TD" on fire and keep the pans,motor and transmission for my Beeetle project, give the Vette to my chaplain so he can have backup for his '78 vette project and drive the Ford to work and back!

  • Get your guesses in now guys, the big reveal will be tomorrow. Expect to be surprised. Winner gets some swag.

  • 1k B5 Passat – not worth fixing, maybe worth an oil change someday

    2k 300ZX – donor parts for a Locost?

    3k MGTD – it's not transportation it's a puzzle that looks like a car, or maybe a cheap way to get a bug floorpan without harming an actual bug. More entertainment value than the other two. Still 3000 seems high

    4k MB240D – a real car that will last forever and probably will be worth more when you sell it, and since they last forever there are plenty to choose from, so it's underpriced.

    5k Rapier – You couldn't give this away to most people but anyone interested knows that the purchase price is merely a bulk discount on expensive hard to find parts. (lets see, Roots got swallowed by Chrysler who went bankrupt, came back as New Chrysler (like new coke remember?), then the French government tried to mate Chrysler with Renault but when that didn't work out Chrysler got swallowed up by Mercedes Benz who puked it back up and left it for Fiat. I suppose the logical place to go for parts and service would be your Maserati dealer? Remember it's the Sunbeam that made land speed record cars, not the toasters.

    6k Model A Have you ever driven an A? It's not a slow car that's fun to drive fast, it's a slow car that can out brake a model T , maybe. On the other hand if driving high school cheerleading squads in parades in a car with enough room only if they *really* pack themselves in is your thing then maybe this is the car for you. The Model A demographic is shrinking. This might be most valuble as raw material for something else.

    7k 122S Amazon – smart people buy Volvos, I'm smart, this is worth buying, if I were smarter I would have bought one 5 years ago, maybe people will think it's a hand me down.

    8k M3 rich people buy BMWs, I'm rich, this is worth buying, if I were richer I would have bought one 5 years ago, maybe people will think it's a hand me down.

    9k Vette people who don't give a f@#% buy ratty C4 Vettes I sure don't give a f@#% , where's my Make America Great Again sticker?

  • Looking at the seats in the Passat, I'm guessing previous owners really loved going to Taco Bell…

    1K Passat
    2K 300ZX
    3K MB240D
    4K MGTD
    5K Rapier
    6K Vette
    7K M3
    8K Model A
    9K Amazon

    -Stan (the *other* Stan…)

  • Passat – yuck
    MGTD – like finishing a stranger's sandwich
    MB240D – inferiority complex
    Vette – betting there's obvious trouble, bad sounds
    Model A – nice, but who needs it?
    300zx – opposite of vette, probably seems ok in person
    Amazon – "investment"
    M3 – fixed up would be worth bla bla
    Rapier – not for everyone, but someone will fall in loooove

  • OK, here is my minor modification of Stan's list

    1K Passat
    2K 300ZX
    3K MGTD
    4K Rapier
    5K MB240D
    6K M3
    7K C4 baby
    8K Amazon
    9K Model A (still nowhere near what it cost to restore)

  • Hello (hello…hello…hello…)

    Vince, you there? (there?…there?….there?….)

    -Stan (…the other Stan….Stan….Stan….)

    • I was just waiting till a few more people got in a chance to make a guess…BUT I should probably give the answers. STAY TUNED.

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