• I'd start with one that has most of its sheet metal intact – the Karmann Ghia or Grand Torino look like the best candidates there. I'm kind of thinking an air cooled Porsche engine in the Karmann Ghia would be very entertaining.

  • I choose the Panel Van. I'll restore it to a camper and then drive around the country instagramming my life as a hipster nomad camper but I'll add a twist: I'll also open packages and eat food on YouTube in my camper panel van, get a billion followers, and become an internet celebrity.

    Just kidding. I have dignity.

    • Really………..the humidity in Houston is a petri dish for still undiscovered diseases that cling to sheet metal. What a shame

  • last one – the 4-car trailer – because it's obviously in working condition – like the old puzzler about the town with two barbers

  • It's gotta be the 67 mustang fastback, well..seller has the back half of the car so a crazy mustang trike seems logical. We always see these trikes for sale but wouldn't it be fun to be the guy that actually built one? Or maybe not

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