• this here's a case where i think i might want a Beetle – weren't they supposedly waterproofish? – my best friend in high school had one and we did drive it through more than one small creek on that basis

  • I'd completely gut the interior on this and make an awesome track day weapon.

    [image src=" cs.copart.com/v1/AUTH_svc.pdoc00001/PIX88/c75376a3-d696-490e-a5a5-673ef8de461d.JPG" width="400px"/]

  • A buddy in Texas, talking with people on the ground by the collection site said "if the carpets got wet, they're totalling them".
    I noticed on nice '67 Mustang Convertible on the copart site, old school car, wet line below the dash. Factory A/C car…Mustang parts super plentiful..bidding is still pretty aggressive given how easy it will be to fix. Title branding is the big issue.

  • Like counting the growth rings on a tree…

    [image src=" cs.copart.com/v1/AUTH_svc.pdoc00001/PIX88/b40b061c-d01f-43c3-b923-a998c68291a0.JPG" width="400px"/]

  • Interesting issue on this Rapide. Looks like the water got under the clear bra. Never seen that before.

    [image src=" cs.copart.com/v1/AUTH_svc.pdoc00001/PIX17/ac5ad314-d88d-4668-9588-ec87dfc30c46.JPG"/]

  • I repairs a '93 911 cabriolet with the water line just below the dash. I replaced everything electronic under the water line and rebuilt the engine and transmission and haven't had a water related issue for 10 years.

    I hope they remove the battery cable because the residual current through the wet wires leaves you with corroded connections and a lot more problems than you need.

    • Man, this one flooded so hard the motor swapped ends

      [imgage src=" cs.copart.com/v1/AUTH_svc.pdoc00001/PIX91/72dcafee-a877-43c6-8a50-12a27236ed53.JPG" width ="400px"/]

    • Can't find the water line on this one….

      [image src=" cs.copart.com/v1/AUTH_svc.pdoc00001/PIX80/7573f463-0baf-451f-8498-a077987150d7.JPG" width="400px"/]

    • Hahaha I thought the same thing when I saw that Porsche on the Copart site! And yeah do you think that boat was on the trailer and attached to a flooded car, or put on trailer and moved there after storm? I'm thinking the prior.

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