• In my little microcosm community the two big hipster vehicles are:
    $10,000 beater VW Westys with Patagoina stickers
    $60,000 Mercedes sprinters with Patagonia stickers
    Both show people that you are a free-spirited surfer adventurer

  • As sad as it is to say, I think the Miata is becoming a hipster/scenester type vehicle, around here anyway (SoCal). I see so many of them with all sorts of unintelligible stickers, miniscule ride heights, plaid interiors, stretch/poke, etc.

    We all know how popular the Miata is in enthusiast circles but it's spreading into what I would call groups of people who don't care so much about the car itself but more about how it enhances their personal lifestyle brand / instagram persona.

  • East Coast hipster classification is definitely unshavia bushwickius these days; the East Village has lost favor due to rapacious yuppification.

    And a true mark of a hipster here is to not have a car at all. Rather, you join things like Transportation Alternatives, discount the position of anyone who exists outside your privileged milieu, and deride those who believe an automobile is anything but an outdated relic of pre-enlightened, pre-gawker, pre-millenial America.

    • And as a millenial myself who likes hipster-y things (and thus fraternizes with their ilk), I can definitively say I am not creating a caricature here.

  • The main st. Pocatello idaho hipster tends to drive an old subaru or a eurovan. They might be poseur hipsters. Not sure which is worse

  • Not sure what the Midwestern hipster drives as most of the vintage cars around here long ago surrendered to our salty roads. (That, and I'm probably too old and out of it to be aware of the current trends.) But, I wonder how long it will be before the Pontiac Aztec becomes hip due to its ironic oddness.

  • Our particular species of hipster, Millenius Plateauitae generally gets around by fixed gear bike although there appears to be a sub-species that gets around by modified moped. Naturally, most are old and have been modified to appear as an antique motorcycle, like Triumphs and Nortons with a few that have a nice "Ducati" patina.

    • Yep, here in the PNW its all about the scooter, especially the Vespa's. You can also bet that any lowered German car will have a beard comb in the center console.

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