• Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky

    [img] image.motortrend.com/f/roadtests/coupes/112_0610_sport_convertible_coupe_comparison/9467551/112_0610_stars_12z%2b2007_pontiac_solstice_gxp%2bengine_views.jpg[/img]

  • 1986 Skoda Rapid

    Or does rear/mid engine need a rear-hinged hood?

    [img] 1.bp.blogspot.com/-WTlewZPUefU/Uq4udS7J4KI/AAAAAAAAT3k/f8gYp7ZRf6c/s1600/2c.jpg [/img]

    • Ok, another pic for proof, even though the above black car is the meanest looking PV544 I can think of:

      [img] i144.photobucket.com/albums/r168/malloy1/544_ThomasH_02.jpg[/img]

    • We're starting to wander off course with rear and mid engined cars. That could be a separate category unto themselves for later (all mid-engined cars or rear engined cars)

    • Hunsbloger, you're right. But it wasn't specified. So, like the recent "depreciation" post, the sky is the limit! Maybe Vince just wants to break the blog again.

  • This one's a bit of a stretch, but it has to be included! Ford SHOgun

    [img] ridelust.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/89Shogun_1.jpg[/img]

  • first generation honda accord 1976-?. my parents had a 78 hatch and a 79 four door
    i couldn't find a pic with the hood open either…

  • M-B SLR

    [img] 4.bp.blogspot.com/-Fr90FvNUfLM/UCaoGId8vFI/AAAAAAAAAY8/s01wxCBoXpg/s1600/Mercedes-Benz_SLR_McLaren%2B(8).jpg[/img]

  • Jaguar F-Type

    [img] image.motortrend.com/f/roadtests/coupes/1406_2015_jaguar_f_type_r_coupe_first_test/72048796+w670+h447+cr1+ar0/2015-jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-engine-hood-open.jpg[/img]

  • Let's exhaust all of the front-engined cars with forward hinged hoods first, if I may be so bold.

    BMW 2002:

    [img] sportscaradvisors.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/bmw-2002.jpg[/img]

    [img] i.imgur.com/JZ4zp9ih.jpg[/img]

  • Fiat Dino Coupe

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/plugins/PostviaEmail/images/1967_Fiat_Dino_Coupe_For_Sale_Engine_resize.jpg[/img]

  • Saab Sonnet
    [img] upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/ac/Sonett-mk2-flipfront.jpg/320px-Sonett-mk2-flipfront.jpg[/img]

    • … and the Fiat Spider 2000
      [img] scontent-1.22773.fna.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/1555363_670865362956533_999683310_n.jpg?oh=72b05f23e9573ab503773ae1b12b021f&oe=55904228[/img]

  • Aston Martin DB7 V12 Vantage Volante Convertible

    [img] 1.bp.blogspot.com/-r_-c-3_pMGI/VGFj0N2DOpI/AAAAAAAAfpU/z_2d9S2AAG0/s1600/1b.jpg[/img]

  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

    [img] allcarcentral.com/Alfa_Romeo/Alfa_Romeo_Giulietta_Sprint_Speciale_1963_AIT0209_IT_Concorso_2009.jpg[/img]

  • Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing

    [img] sportscardigest.com/wp-content/uploads/P1000376-284-Mercedes-Benz-1954-300SL-Gullwing-1980404500049_1200.jpg[/img]

  • Alfa Romeo Tubolare Zagato

    [img] classicdriver.com/sites/default/files/styles/article_full/public/import/articlesv2/images/_uk/16630/Alfa_Romeo_TZ1_02pop.jpg[/img]

  • Lots of various BMW models picked, but pretty much ALL postwar front-engine BMWs prior to the E28/E30 including E3,E9,E12,E23,E24, etc.

    All the pre-9000 Saabs including the 92, 93, 95/96 in bullnose and V4-nose form.

    All the postwar Triumphs from TR2-TR8, and I think the Herald, the Vitesse, the Dolomite, and probably others.

  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato

    [img] s-oldtimer.com/sellcar/images/svz_02.jpg[/img]

    Because it is such a pretty little thing, here's another image

    [img] jcraft-eng.com/image/sales/alfa_svz/alfa_svz_01l.jpg[/img]

    • All these nice pics of Alfas with their hoods open because the engines are pretty, or because there's some other reason you need to routinely – perhaps more than routinely – open the hood?

      Just sayin'…

    • Funny you mention that. It's been a bit challenging to find them with the hoods open. I couldn't find one for the Berlina. Of all Alfa's you'd think there would be a few Berlinas with their hoods open. But maybe that only happened when they were daily drivers, and that was before Al Gore invented the interwebs.

    • Sure enough, if one Mazda of that vintage was, then they all were, the RX2 as case in point:

      [img] encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSgT-fEYQuFI7ef_gcQNFhwb4DmzBdXbqTQEdeEHJqByzrWjATH2A[/img]

    • and I really don't need to do this by now but for completeness, the RX3:

      [img] encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSl5imJukjLk5ENot7IoYneWQNLwkRyTa_2FUT6FGQj3AtVC0rL[/img]

    • You beat me to one of my favorites. Just gorgeous. Pictures (especially these) don't do it justice.

      [img] isuzucars.kamikaze-drive.com/117COUPE006E.jpg[/img]

      [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/plugins/PostviaEmail/images/1979_Isuzu_117_Coupe_For_Sale_Side_resize.jpg[/img]

    • You can see Bertone sold the FIAT Dino Coupe to Isuzu.

      [img] sportscarshop.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/IMG_1673.jpg[/img]

  • Datsun 1600 and 2000:

    [img] encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTy-eoK8lxAUMHmtlHMeROGEDrivo2QWNc_1N4WTKw-hsjt1edYuQ[/img]

  • The Reliant-designed Sabra, basically an Israeli Spitfire:

    [img] encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRNN06M43gqryKFawY9-JQ_He1FrMKlQmoMvPtAFJjt86y9DQQeGg[/img]

  • Ooo! Ooo! Can I post multiple cars at the same time, too!?! How come I'm the only one who has to live by the rules?

    Marcos GT

    [img] barnfinds.com/sites/barnfinds.com/files/imagecache/large/images/1/1970-marcos-gt-engine.jpg


  • Anyone done the NSU Ro80 yet?

    [img] encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTcPtIx0-L0FDu0VRwOU4ra-vdYzzvn6c_MK5NLeP84uuOfrOISrw[/img]

  • Ford 105E Anglia:

    [img] encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRyfCbFxnaygTgi3VLb3xYHTWHeWtGg49V_oopZI3J-tb7HZIADTw[/img]

    • And the preceding 100E Popular:

      [img] encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQvjaBFLjJ91M7WOnpSFyGCCP7pu4noelMHujAZlkHWFo8FjUES[/img]

  • Mazda Cosmo

    [img] image.motortrend.com/f/classic/roadtests/1005_1967_mazda_cosmo_110/33231807+w554/1967-mazda-cosmo-110-rotary-engine-open-hood.jpg[/img]

  • Acura NSX

    [img] image.modified.com/f/17359972+w750+st0/0612_sccp_19z+2006_ultimate_street_car_challenge+acura_nsx_engine.jpg[/img]

  • Hey – I didn't think I needed to spell this out, but mid/rear engined cars with front hinged hoods don't count. If you find a mid/rear engined car with a REAR engined hood, it could be considered part of the bonus culture…but…mostly I'm looking for front-hoods that are front-hinged.


    • May I make a suggestion? You guys should maybe play these games/challenges yourselves before posting them. That might bring up some of the details that need to be specified from the start. There are other posts that are honest attempts to participate that also most likely don't meet your new criteria. The commercial trucks, for example.

      I was thinking that it would have been a much shorter challenge if you'd chosen side-opening hoods. Maybe next time, huh?

    • Have you ever thought that perhaps DT is the beta test of the game?

      Seriously, K2MC, if I had time, I would do a dry run, but I'm too busy trying to come up with ways to make fun of French stuff.

      As far as the hoodedness — most mid-engined cars have forward hinged hoods, so listing them seems easy, perhaps I should have said "end" hinged hoods. I do appreciate your willingness to run in the grey area of the rules, and I don't think I need to point out that one of the rules was specifically designed with you in mind BEFORE the first contest last week….so logically you'd expect more of the same.

      Keep up the good work, and I'll let you know when my neighbors cat coughs up the prize for the contest winners.

      -Vince "Worst Contest Creator Ever"

    • Ooh, you got me. Sort of a blue pill/red pill thang, eh? It's all good…me b*tching and moaning over the stupid stuff also digs up stuff for the future, hopefully. Let's call it a "learning experience". Wow that sounded conceited as I wrote it…

      I'm still waiting to find out who won the last contest, hairball prize or no. You never know, there could be gold in them thar feline.

      You are NOT the worst contest creator ever. FAR FROM IT! Never, ever say that again or I'll send my ninjas after you. They may, in fact, already be there. And you've made a fatal error when you invited me to keep up the good work!

      [img] words.brittina.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/french_ninjas1.jpg[/img]

    • To be fair, way up the page, both Hunsbloger and I gently suggested that mid- & rear-engined cars weren't following the spirit of the contest. Fair warning!

      Including Vince there are 5 of us who could be considered moderators here…the other two being Kaibeezy & PhiLOL. We know Vince all too well and take over for him periodically. There are many instances when he's too busy lying on his back upgrading 60-year-old cars to rack & pinion steering systems to keep tabs on every post, so the rest of us step in to keep the site going.

    • I’ve said it before, but maybe not to you. You guys are doing an outstanding job with DT; really and sincerely.

      I’ve been professionally involved with endeavors similar to DT since the late 80s. Several have revolved around challenges identical to those that Vince comes up with. My last one went for many years, but I finally gave up when I discovered how easy and how prevalent it was to cheat using current technology, which ruined the fun of discovery and sharing.

      I’m sure you don’t give a rat’s rear end about any of that. My point is that I’ve been around the block a few times and if there’s anybody that will find holes in such a thing it’ll most likely be me. I’m not trying to toot my own horn and I’m sure that there are other DTers who would be as capable or even more so than I. I’m simply offering by services as a grossly underpaid beta tester. If that’s unacceptable or undesirable, I can’t honestly blame you. You've got a good thing going, why introduce another person into the mix?

      But I hope you take to heart and consider my suggestion that the five of you quickly play the challenges first before posting them. There’s no need to play it to completion, just get a feel for where the holes are. The five of you are clearly very sharp and you’ll see which rules need to be defined clearly right away. Again, I would love to assist in that process if so desired but completely understand if not.

      Also, if you don’t want DT members like me to attempt to police such things, then you guys need to possibly take a more active role and point DTers in the right direction when they start to stray. Your gentle suggestions should have been integrated beforehand or as soon as possible when identified. But it’s your blog and that’s up to you.

      It may be that I just irritate you. If so, I’m sorry about that. I’m a good guy – really! But that’s one facet of being passionate about cars; the presentation of knowledge can easily come across negatively. It’s hard to be enthusiastic and yet share information in a way that doesn’t occasionally upset fellow enthusiasts. Ego can be a delicate thing and some people don’t like feeling like they missed something. I implore all of my fellow DTers to be cognizant of that. I strive to do so, as well.

      If you’d like to discuss this further, I’d be happy to hear from you. Vince has my private email and you can get it from him. Or let me know and I'll shoot it too him pronto.

      Again; kudos to you and the DT crew! I know I over think stuff and it's all in good fun! Hey, I'm just your friendly resident PITA…

  • Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France. This one with special one off bodywork.

    [img] s2.blomedia.pl/autokult.pl/images/2011/09/Ferrari-250-GT-TDF-2.jpg[/img]

  • Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

    [img] sportscardigest.com/wp-content/uploads/118_Ferrari_1964_250-GT_L-Lusso_Berlinetta_5233GT_900-750×499.jpg[/img]

  • Autobianchi A112

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/1977_Autobianchi_abarth_A112_Engine_Front_1.JPG[/img]

  • I've been scratching my head trying to come up with that elusive rear-hinged rear-engine vehicle, there must be something somewhere but I can't come up with anything.

    • I'm not submitting this for the challenge, people. I know it doesn't meet the rules.

      Suzuki Fronte

      [img] farm3.staticflickr.com/2628/4130603682_9fceae6d7f_m.jpg[/img]

    • Lancia Stratos. Or did I miss someone already submitting.

      [img] sportscardigest.com/cars-for-sale/wp-content/uploads/1976-Lancia-Stratos-Stradale-For-Sale-Headline.jpg[/img]

  • Don't give up, now! Mo' reverse-opening hoods…in the hood…

    [img] 3.bp.blogspot.com/-WB862aNFiSY/Tfbadz_k9iI/AAAAAAAAAIM/DxJG7553RY8/s1600/18-1.jpg[/img]

  • Dodge Colt/Plymouth Champ twins. '81 Champ my first car. Loved it!!! Miss it 🙁 R.I.P. Champ

    [img] ts3.mm.bing.net/th?id=HN.607989158514200409&w=265&h=177&c=7&rs=1&qlt=90&o=4&pid=1.7[/img]

  • Lada / Жигули (Zhiguli) 2101 and descendants…..
    Which I guess means the Fiat 124 It was based off of, too.
    Corporate Cousin Izh 27175, Spanish Seat 124 and 1430, Polish Polski Fiat 124, Turkish Tofaş Murat 124 and Tofaş Serçe, RHD Indian Premier 118NE, and a few others.

    [img] i.ytimg.com/vi/-6iXlO58WKA/hqdefault.jpg[/img]

    • [img] 2.bp.blogspot.com/_HhUjJ73jZso/SiLzIOE5rVI/AAAAAAAAOCY/KfTSKQd81s8/s400/Bee1.jpg[/img]

      Cats right, this feline has a real bee in its bonnet.

    • The hood of your car is going places. Are you?

      [img] 3.bp.blogspot.com/_VlVkvL889hk/TTOlGFOlRvI/AAAAAAAABFg/xjtzLIy6j9Q/s1600/Hood_to_Coastposter.jpg[/img]

    • [img] omgrey.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/quicksand.jpg?w=275&h=300[/img]

      Oh, thank heaven for seven-eleven, the DT email finally went out. Maybe we'll get some movement in this post now.

  • FIAT 124 Sort Coupe

    [img] classicitaliancarsforsale.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/BwMD87mkKGrHqNjMEv1+0BjMiBMH1luhDTw_3.jpg[/img]

  • i know kind of mentioned…. skoda
    with rear engine… but check out the front compartment lid…. sideways
    not sure if i have embedded this right, well here goes

    [img] commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1985SkodaRapid6.jpg[/img]
    or see>>

  • Mazda Re-Pu (Rotary Engined Pick Up):

    [img] i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s–ymDoPZv9–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_320/18d3u4ulz74xxjpg.jpg[/img]

    • I thought that they had the side opening hood or is it just the early alloy ones like on Leno's Garage and the last BaT auction?

    • I agree with you, Gianni. Good catch.

      [img] gomotors.net/photos/b2/b9/5-lancia-fulvia-zagato-the-lancia-fulvia-was-ahead-of-its-time-both_b404b.jpg?i[/img]

      [img] classics.honestjohn.co.uk/imagecache/file/width/640/media/6208622/Lancia%20Fulvia%20Sport%20Zagato.jpg[/img]

      [img] classicitaliancarsforsale.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/KGrHqVi8E5el+JEZyBOl8mhRgw60_3-475×315.jpg[/img]

    • I meant the Series 1.5 and Series 2 cars with the front-hinged hood.


      [img] farm7.static.flickr.com/6215/6377657577_c94007d8f5.jpg[/img]
      [img] encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSbB26LrbEXEOUFh4zo4bBJxhdvs_qEfaK9OXrT224_NvSqRhLc[/img]

  • First Generation Honda Prelude:

    [img] images.thetruthaboutcars.com/2012/04/10-1981-Honda-Prelude-Down-On-the-Junkyard-Pictures-courtesy-of-Phil-Murilee-Martin-Greden-550×412.jpg[/img]

    • I can see how you'd read that rule that way, for sure. Another twist for Vince and his team to study. But by that logic, then how many Corvette generations do you think we should list? That's downright lame. You and I are better than that!

    • Touché! Still…no. A Corvette is a single model, no matter how you look at it. You get street cred for trying though. I know this guy that likes to do that all the time…can't quite remember his username…K2 something something…

  • Subaru Sambar (rear engine, end-hinged or bottom-hinged):

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/plugins/PostviaEmail/images/1969_Subaru_Sambar_Mini_Truck_For_Sale_Engine_resize.jpg[/img]

    • Save this one for later. Maybe DT will do a challenge based on rear-engined, rear-hinge hoods at some point. That would be cool.

  • Deutsch-Bonnet HBR5:

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/plugins/PostviaEmail/images/1959_Deutsch_Bonnet_HBR5_Coach_For_Sale_Engine_resize.jpg[/img]

    • Please read the rules.

      "Rules: 1. Only one car per comment (be sure to hit the refresh button on your browser before you post in case someone else has posted since you loaded the page). Do not nest the replies, just reply to the main post — if you reply to someone elses comment it should be in reference to his comment and not a pop-up headlight submission."

      The rest of us are living by them, you should to.

    • I only submitted one car per comment, and IIRC, rule #2 was created just for you. Don't be upset that I've named all the good cars and left you the lousy ones 🙂

    • Well, I gotta admit, I love the cars you came up with. You remembered a couple I'd forgotten. But I copied the wrong rule, as you so graciously pointed out. The one YOU SHOULD BE FOLLOWING IS:

      "2. You can post again, but only after someone else posts another car. (We all know why this rule is in place…)."

      If you didn't realize it, then you're forgiven. If you did know what you were doing, are you not a troll? I think you didn't catch the second rule. You done got pimp slapped…but it's with respect.

    • Blog img tags broken, I think. Yeah, us! If we learned anything from last time, though, it's to keep doing it so that we can make Kaibeezy's life a little easier in the future.

  • Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 series II

    [img] sportscardigest.com/wp-content/uploads/142_Ferrari_1966_330-GT-2+2-Series-II__8787_900-620×465.jpg[/img]

  • Might as well make Kaibeezy's job easier though. TVR Cerbera

    [img] img.thesun.co.uk/aidemitlum/archive/01114/Beckham-car_682_1114351a.jpg[/img]

  • 1982 Mazda 626 / Second Generation Mazda Capella (same car):

    [img] ipocars.com/imgs/a/c/w/y/w/mazda__626_coupe_2_0_sdx_1982_5_lgw.jpg[/img]

  • Aston Martin Lagonda Saloon:

    [img] secondchancegarage.com/public/classic-car-photogallery3/1985-aston-martin-lagonda/1985-aston-martin-lagonda-eng1.jpg[/img]

  • TVR Vixen
    [img] forgottenfiberglass.com/wp-content/uploads/TVR-Vixen-on-the-showfield-at-Carlisle-Import-and-Kit-Nationals-photo-by-Will-Silk.jpg[/img]

  • Most russian cars had the forward hinged hood… too bad they only made like 4 cars over a span of 50 years.

    LuAZ 969:

    [img] motoburg.com/images/luaz-01.jpg[/img]

  • No, I was just visiting a friend. Picked up a souvenir. Had one ten years ago that rusted into a pile of dust, being that I'm in the northeast. Missed it like hell so bought another one home from outside the rust-belt.

  • 1968 Toyota RT40 Corona:

    [img] c2.staticflickr.com/8/7183/6812164448_b3de5836b8.jpg[/img]
    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/1968_Toyota_Corona_Coupe_For_Sale_Engine_1.jpg[/img]

  • Daimler Double Six Vanden Plas
    [img] carpictures.com/pics/full/05FG0030825949D/Jaguar-XJ6-Vanden-Plas-1987-05FG0030825949D.jpeg[/img]

  • Gilbern Invader
    [img] classic-car-magazine.co.uk/image_gallery/gilbern/1972%20gilbern%20invader%20mk3/1972_gilbern_invader_mk3_side_view_bonnet_open.JPG[/img]

  • One of my faves. Too bad the img tag is broken; Anadol STC-16
    [img] nozama.typepad.com/.a/6a00e54ed05fc28833011279686a7528a4-400wi[/img]

  • Yes, Yes… Too bad indeed…

    Jaguar D-Type:

    [img] gb.fotolibra.com/images/previews/643682-jaguar-d-type-racing-engine-1956.jpeg[/img]

    • Okay, I'll bite… Although, the rules don't exclude race cars.
      How about a Jaguar XKSS instead?

      [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/1957_Jaguar_XKSS_Roadster_Clone_Engine_1.jpg[/img]

    • That's a whole 'nother kettle of fish. I'm sure it would cause much gnashing of teeth from the peanut gallery. The road car XKSS, on the the other hand…that's a good one! With 16 ever made, there's practically one on every corner!

  • Even more crazyness from Anadol…the Anadol Böcek – I love it!
    [img] gomotors.net/pics/Anadol/anadol-bocek-1300-02.jpg[/img]

  • Wiesmann MF 3:

    [img] wiesmann.com/_my_media/1/1/Relaunch_2013/Historie/_tn/7255_15809_0_Wiesmann_FullScreen_Historie_1993_01.jpg[/img]

  • Another Ashley for you; the 750
    [img] classicvirus.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/screenshot0042.jpg?w=350&h=200&crop=1[/img]

  • Glas 1700:

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/plugins/PostviaEmail/images/1967_Glas_1700_GT_Coupe_BMW_For_Sale_Engine_resize.jpg[/img]

  • I listed the H2 a while ago. I believe these might be the only trucks listed. Hummer H1
    [img] weblogsinc.com/common/images/0916025267179993.JPG?0.5005988636369595[/img]

  • If you liked the Carmel, here's the Sabra/Autocars Sussita
    [img] themiamiautomuseum.com/galleria_images/68/68_p20_l.jpg[/img]

  • Here's a successor to your 1102; ZAZ-1103 Slavuta
    [img] cdn.img.ria.com/photosnew/auto/photo/zaz_1103_slavuta__118185377f.jpg[/img]

  • Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
    [img] sportscardigest.com/wp-content/uploads/S299_Cadillac_1957_Eldorado-Brougham_4-Dr.-Hardtop_5770094949_900.jpg[/img]

  • A bunch of the late 30's through at least mid-40's Hudsons had them. For examples just google 1938 Hudson Sedan, 1942 Hudson Super Six Wagon, 1946 Hudson Super Six Pickup, 1947 Hudson Big Boy (etc). Not sure if they all count or not because they are basically the same front end grafted onto different bodies.

    '57 Fairlane Skyliner

    That's all I can come up with.

  • Bristol 406:

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/plugins/PostviaEmail/images/1959_Bristol_406_Zagato_For_Sale_Engine_resize.jpg[/img]

    • I'm not sure about this one, but I might be wrong. Maybe there's a difference in variants? This is what I remember:

      [img] files.conceptcarz.com/img/Lancia/59-Lancia-Flaminia-GT-1466-dv-07-belle-01.jpg[/img]

    • Perhaps the 1965 is of a different design?
      This is what I was thinking:

      [img] the-blueprints.com/blueprints-depot-restricted/cars/lancia/lancia_flaminia_coupe_1965-42029.jpg[/img]

    • I think you're right – in that this is a GTL, not a GT. I found the following; "The Lancia Flaminia GTL was produced from 1963 through 1965 with a total of 300 examples being produced. All GTLs were custom coach built in Milan, Italy by coach builder Carrozzeria Touring in Milan, Italy with an all-aluminum body." Nice one!

  • Ferrari 375 America:

    [img] image.motortrend.com/f/classic/8537448+w670+h419+cr1+ar0/c12_0601_13z%2Bferrari_375_america%2Bengine.jpg[/img]

  • Fiat 2300
    [img] 2.bp.blogspot.com/-MP1F5knTKdw/VL3Ww9nbYhI/AAAAAAAAT0E/6-SwUJW0NlU/s1600/1966%2BFiat%2B2300%2BS%2BGhia%2BSilver.JPG[/img]

  • Mazda Familia Rotary / R100:

    [img] shannons.com.au/library/images/auctions/G6Y6V7D0O4F5I2M1/medium/1970-mazda-familiar100-coupe.jpg[/img]

    • Come on people! Removing the repetitions and the mid-engined atrocities some moron who thought he'd play fast and loose with the rules, we're up to 206 cars by my count. Let's keep going!

    • Not too shabby for someone that's probably half your age, eh?

      Driven and worked on a fair number of 'em, too!
      (Shame on me for not posting some that I've actually owned in the past even sooner than I did, I tend to shut the automatic transmission equipped ones out from my memory for good!)

    • Not too shabby?!? Are you kidding me? You're kicking everybody else's a$$, who have apparently completely run out of cars for this challenge (actually, I'm sure they just got bored with it and don't suffer from OCD, like you and me). You're the only reason I can keep playing, too. So let's keep on rollin'!

      That's really cool that you've also wrenched and owned several of these cars. Which ones?

      And who you callin' old? Oh yeah…me. Get off the lawn you young whippersnapper! Now, where's my walker?

    • The 2nd gen prelude, W113 benz, and a majority of the Soviets (not too hard considering 99% of their cars are one of four models, or a variant thereof).

  • Jensen FF
    [img] encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRNhdblPXsikm14d0I3EKpsOdCa42hfGXl6cAfYvAreAL4piF0XfQ[/img]

  • I'll see your 2000 and raise you a Lancia Gamma
    [img] pruebas.pieldetoro.net/web/fotos/fotospruebas/fotos9/LanciaGammaCoupe-3.jpg[/img]

    BTW, the 808 you listed above has already been posted.

  • A Lancia Appia for your Gamma:

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/plugins/PostviaEmail/images/1960_Lancia_Appia_GTE_Zagato_For_Sale_Motor_resize.jpg[/img]

    • I'm a little unsure about this one. The Appias that I've seen had a rear-hinged hood. The URL indicates that this is a GTE Zagato. I did a quick search for a wider picture of one that shows the hood up and more of the car to prove it. I'm sure it's out there, can you help me find it?

    • Shoot. I really appreciate the link. But the picture ( classicitaliancarsforsale.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Picture-65.png) proves nothing. The fool who took the picture cut off where the hinges could be. Don't they know we need to see?!? I've added it to the master list, but if we can get further evidence I can sleep better at night. Actually, I don't care that much – I was just kidding! Still…paging Gianni…paging Gianni…to the white courtesy phone. Nuts, I just sounded old again. Or nuts. Or both.

  • Honda S800:

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/1967_Honda_S800_Vintage_Race_Roadster_Engine_1.jpg[/img]

  • Caterham 21
    [img] jetzt.sueddeutsche.de/upl/images/user/of/offenes_system/text/regular/819731.jpg[/img]

  • Jensen Mk III S4 Cabrio:

    [img] s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/474x/97/c1/c5/97c1c566c40479af3c93cc468a4fe999.jpg[/img]

    • If that's a repeat, then the FF is too. An interceptor with 4WD is still an interceptor. PV544 and Duett share a nose, even if the Duett was the only full frame Volvo at the time… If we want to split hairs, I have a torrent of Lada- and Moskvich- derived panel vans, sedan deliveries, and pickup variants to unleash!

    • As long as they aren't commercial vehicles, I don't see why not. The criteria here is if they are listed as separate models and they have different names. Until the DT mods say otherwise, of course. I doubt they're paying any attention to what happening here so I'm on my own.

  • Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit
    [img] files.conceptcarz.com/img/Rolls-Royce/86_rolls_royce_silver_spur_lwb_CC_KM_01.jpg[/img]

  • Jensen S-V8:

    [img] classicdriver.com/sites/default/files/styles/article_half/public/import/articlesv2/images/_de/8140/Jensen_S_Type_SV8_04pop.jpg?itok=qxB8RHhu[/img]

  • Austin Healey:

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/1956_Austin_Healey_100_4_BN2_For_Sale_Engine_1.jpg[/img]

  • 1953 Siata 200 CS Spyder

    [img] motorbase.s3.amazonaws.com/pictures/contributions/990913/std_1953_siata_200_cs_spyder-chrysler_hemi_engine-max-.jpg[/img]

  • Autobianchi A111:

    [img] autoemotodepoca.altervista.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/autobianchi-a111-motore.png[/img]

  • Bandini 1000 GT

    [img] upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e3/Vano_motore_bandinigt1000.JPG/250px-Vano_motore_bandinigt1000.JPG[/img]

    • You don't happen to know what the production numbers were on the 1000 GT, do you? I don't have anything in any of my books and don't see it online anywhere. I'd be interested to know. But it's no big deal; I'm not questioning this entry unless proven otherwise.

    • Those production numbers are likely triple- or even double- digit low, as the cars were all painstakingly hand-built by craftsmen.

  • Innocenti Mini

    [img] upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4b/Innocenti_90_-_120_-_Mini_derivative_A-series_engine.jpg[/img]

  • AC Greyhound
    [img] myclassicuk.com/wp-content/gallery/nec-classic-car-shoe-nov-2013/ac-greyhound-28-flk.jpg[/img]

  • Ghia 450SS

    [img] blog.hemmings.com/wp-content/uploads//2013/01/Ghia450SS_06_1500.jpg[/img]
    [img] s.hswstatic.com/gif/1966-ghia-450-ss-3.jpg[/img]

  • Aston Martin DB6
    [img] sportscardigest.com/wp-content/uploads/P1110293-S105-Aston-Martin-1966-DB6-Coupe-DB62389L.jpg[/img]

  • 1965 Maserati Quattroporte

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/plugins/PostviaEmail/images/1965_Maserati_Quattroporte_Sedan_For_Sale_Engine_resize.jpg[/img]

  • Maserati 3500GT
    [img] sportscardigest.com/wp-content/uploads/242_Maserati_1963_3500GT_Spider_AM1011457_900.jpg[/img]

  • 1965 Nissan Silvia

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/1965_Nissan_Silvia_For_Sale_Engine_1.jpg[/img]

  • This was posted before but it was done so half-assed and the person who did didn't bother (or maybe they just couldn't comprehend) to read the rules. So here it is again, but I'm not taking credit for it. Just giving the car its due. Triumph Dolomite Sprint
    [img] cdn.ipernity.com/139/59/97/28795997.62d9ffb8.640.jpg?r2[/img]

    • Don't forget its not-too-distant cousin, Panther Rio. That Cousin murdered a Mercedes and now has room for a Pony… Elisabeth!?!?!

      [img] farm8.staticflickr.com/7537/15850846119_e3a32a937e_n.jpg[/img]

    • And pardon the Keeping Up Appearances reference, of course chap!
      Onslow being the favorite character, Bloody 'ell.

  • Fiat 8V – terrible picture
    [img] media.caranddriver.com/images/02q3/267409/1954-fiat-8v-coupe-photo-201395-s-429×262.jpg[/img]

    • Here's a better shot of those gorgeous dual-quad Webers

      [img] farm9.staticflickr.com/8192/8113669240_2d1d398ae2.jpg[/img]

  • Pegaso Z-102/103
    [img] fotos.org/galeria/data/504/medium/1955-Pegaso-Z-102-Saoutchik-Coupe-red-09.jpg[/img]

  • Bristol 404

    [img] wallpaperup.com/uploads/wallpapers/2013/06/19/105181/big_thumb_e77bba238e969e8bbccae3b9fef0b845.jpg[/img]

    • Current count is 267 cars, but that includes all of the vehicles I've found that have images linked with them. I have others that I haven't bothered looking for pictures yet. It's possible that TRDsmith or someone else will get to them first and that's just fine; there are even more. It's just a question of whether or not I/we'll be able to, given the restrictions defined by the rules.

  • Trident Clipper – though only six cars had the clamshell hood!

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/plugins/PostviaEmail/images/1967_Trident_Clipper_V8_For_Sale_Engine_resize.jpg[/img]

    • A lovely car that should have been badged as a TVR.
      [img] best-carz.com/data_images/gallery/models/tvr-trident/tvr-trident-08.jpg[/img]

  • Aston Martin V8 Zagato
    [img] carinpicture.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Aston-Martin-V8-Vantage-Zagato-1986-1988-Photo-01.jpg[/img]

  • Renault 12 (and the eastern-bloc Dacia 1300)

    [img] cloudlakes.com/data_images/models/renault-12-ts/renault-12-ts-01.jpg[/img]
    [img] renospeed.co.uk/assets/components/gallery/connector.php?action=web/phpthumb&w=500&h=375&zc=0&far=&q=90&src=%2Fassets%2Fcomponents%2Fgallery%2Ffiles%2F5%2F46.jpg[/img]

  • Fairthorpe Pathfinder
    [img] 1.bp.blogspot.com/_kPJG-5r-nRA/TGsL97a4RoI/AAAAAAAAAGo/5-gOSWl_eoI/s1600/100_7203.jpg[/img]

  • Seat 1200 Sport

    [img] 1.bp.blogspot.com/-SylvTIqyoVg/UjnFnJjIzzI/AAAAAAAAEHs/lYAl-sZznC0/s1600/club-seat-museo-automovilistico-malaga-03.jpg[/img]

  • The XJ was mentioned before, but not specified which bloody one, so I'm assuming they meant the sedan and two-door variant (C), not the coupe.

    Jaguar XJS (XJR-S, etc.)
    [img] picturelane.com/cars/jaguar/xjr-s/jaguar_xjr-s_1993_007.jpg[/img]

  • I love the XJ two-door. I think it's timeless and way more attractive than the XJS. Rarity factor is bonus points in my book.

    Westfield XI

    [img] bringatrailer.com/wp-content/plugins/PostviaEmail/images/Westfield_XI_Lotus_Eleven_Twin_Cam_For_Sale_Front_Engine_resize.jpg[/img]

    • [img] automobilesdeluxe.tv/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/jaguar-xjc-automobiles-de-luxe-300×160.jpg[/img]

      I love them, too. Except when they have the vinyl top. That's just hideous. The Westfield was mostly sold as a kit (plus it's really just a replica), but I've been told that a few were sold finished so it's a good one! There wasn't anything in the rules saying you couldn't include a replica, just no kits.

    • I generally do agree regarding the vinyl roof, however I feel it's growing on me. At least on the XJC. I certainly would not want a GM product to be equipped with the vinyl roof, though.

  • Ginetta G4…I don't know why when you posted the 27 you got a weird comment from somebody. Did they think it was too kit-like?
    [img] ferraris-online.com/cars/GI-G4S-G4-171/images/P009Web.jpg[/img]

  • Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint
    [img] files.conceptcarz.com/img/Alfa%20Romeo/64_Alfa-giulia_Sprint_Speciale_KM-06-cinci-01.jpg[/img]

  • Berkeley Sports (including 322/328/492/Foursome/B95/B105…all basically the same car)
    [img] opel2015.com/images1/berkeley-sports-8.jpg[/img]

  • Elva Courier

    [img] 1.bp.blogspot.com/-Axlik549dxY/UEpdc8r3nSI/AAAAAAAAAXs/WX6eY6AKcaw/s1600/IMG_0035.jpg[/img]

    • The Elva-BMW GT160 is one of my all-time faves. The Courier was such a pretty little car, but made utterly bizarre when they slapped a hardtop on it. That back window was disgusting.

  • Berkeley T60 (trike)
    [img] upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b4/1960BerkeleyT60red.JPG/280px-1960BerkeleyT60red.JPG[/img]

  • Bricklin SV-1
    [img] photos.ebizautos.com/used-1974-bricklin-sv1-gullwingdoors-6046-1183759-13-640.jpg[/img]

  • Tauro Sport Auto V8 Spider

    [img] upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1e/Tauro_Sport_Auto_Spider_V8_side.JPG[/img]

  • Aston Martin V12 Zagato
    [img] image.automobilemag.com/f/40413665+w660+h440+q80+cr1+ar0/aston-martin-v12-zagato-hood-open.jpg[/img]

  • 2005 Connaught Type-D GT Syracuse edition

    [img] mad4wheels.com/webpics/hires/00000632%20-%202005%20Connaught%20Type-D%20GT%20Syracuse%20edition/2005_Connaught_Type-D_GT_Syracuse_edition_008_1061.jpg[/img]

    • Fantastic car! But not real…yet. No customer cars have been shipped so far that I've seen any proof of, despite promises for years. If you can find any proof that any actually exists, I'll be happy to list it.

      [img] upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5b/Connaught_Type_D_GT_Syracuse_-_Flickr_-_edvvc_(1).jpg[/img]

      Here's the computer model without a background Photoshopped in. There are even photos which make it appear that it's driving down the road and at a car show. I've seen no evidence yet that the car is real and if you look closely, you can see that the image has been manipulated.
      [img] img854.imageshack.us/img854/6456/connaughttypedgtsyracus.jpg[/img]

    • What about the non-Syracuse? The image looks real, unless the morning dew was photoshopped in!

      [img] upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5b/Connaught_Type_D_GT_Syracuse_-_Flickr_-_edvvc_(1).jpg[/img]

    • There is no difference that I'm aware of other than powertrain. There's the Type D Syracuse proposed prototype and the hybrid version. And none of those have been shipped. It's a bummer, but it's not looking good that they ever will. The name comes from an old racing company, as you may already know. Whomever it is is trying to cash in on that obviously has too much time and money on their hands (not for long!). So far it's all vaporware.

  • Bond Equipe GT4/GT4S
    [img] encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRDGiSWb4H19xXedPE9XEhkkRFU_q2Dp4D0nXXfz6S9l8v14vuF[/img]

  • Daihatsu Fellow Buggy – 100 made

    [img] i0.wp.com/JapaneseNostalgicCar.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/P1080595_Daihatsu-Fellow-Buggy.jpg[/img]

  • Siata Spring

    [img] 2.bp.blogspot.com/_zp5hU5oekAI/SqsWbcfXWyI/AAAAAAAABWU/d-q14_bS8RA/s1600-h/siata+spring.jpg[/img]

  • Ferrari 400 Superamerica
    [img] i0.wp.com/ sportscardigest.com/wp-content/uploads/1961-Ferrari-400-Superamerica-SWB-Coupe-Aerodinamico-Engine.jpg[/img]

  • Please keep double checking the cars I suggest. I make mistakes too! Bond Bug
    [img] simoncars.co.uk/bond/slides/i_Bond%20Bug%20700%20ES%201970%20inside.jpg[/img]

  • You're right. I forgot to search the page for that one. The Bond Bug is another one you beat me to.

    [img] upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a0/BondBug700ES.jpg/800px-BondBug700ES.jpg[/img]

    1959 Fiat 2100

    [img] ipocars.com/imgs/a/f/c/v/c/fiat__2100_anno_1959_berlina_1959_2_lgw.jpg[/img]

  • You get credit for both the Fiat 1300 and 1500.

    [img] 2.bp.blogspot.com/-5h_VY0GMuGY/U0TMABecPBI/AAAAAAAAYNk/qAvdghIuLD0/s1600/1a.jpg[/img]

    Toyota Mega Cruiser – (Again, shame on me! What kind of "TRD- enthusiast" waits this long to pull this rabbit out of his hat?)

    [img] image.dieselpowermag.com/f/features/8534674+w799+h499+cr1+ar0/129_05_15z%2Btoyota_mega_cruiser%2Bfront_passengers_side_view_open_hood.jpg[/img]

  • Fiat 1100S
    [img] alfabb.com/bb/forums/attachments/other-italian-cars/174063d1273168468-fs-1951-fiat-gilco-1100s-1214126.jpg[/img]

    • Are the GT4S and the two-litre GT indeed the same car? The header panel looks a little different. I know we also picked the same photo by chance.

    • Sorry for the delay. I just checked with my crazy friend who is really into Eye-talian cars. He told me there are actually three models; the GT4, GT4S and the 2-Litre. He said the big difference was that the first four were based on the Triumph Herald and the 2-Litre is based on the Vitesse. The bodies styles are apparently similar but noticeably different. Who knew!?! Learn something new every day. I've never seen one in person. Nice score for you!

  • Delahaye 235
    [img] allcarcentral.com/Delahaye/Delahaye_235_Letourner_et_Marchand_1952_BPB0067_pb_2008.jpg[/img]

  • 1953 (Fiat Stanguellini) Bertone-Stanguellini Berlinetta

    [img] images.conceptcarz.com/imgxra/Fiat/54-Fiat-Berlinetta-DV-14-EH_e03.jpg[/img]

    • My references say there were 4 of these. I've included it in the master list until proven otherwise. Nice!

    • One of my books says that each one was a one-off for a select few (understatement, there!) special customers.

  • Brasinca Uirapuru

    [img] 2.bp.blogspot.com/-xajzZnUh3Lc/Tk1uPD7Gn3I/AAAAAAAAA1o/Rx2EP24JZT8/s1600/uirapuruScan_Pic0028.jpg[/img]

    • CONGRATULATIONS! This is the 300th car that we've come up with! Booya! Has there ever been such a result here on DT? I wonder?

    • Vince promises "a prize", but we've seen how that all works out. Just teasing, Vince! Sorry, TRDsmith; all you win is street cred and it's only with me because nobody else cares. Clearly. Still, WAY TO GO!

  • Falcon Caribbean/Bermuda
    [img] petrolheadia.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/falcon-1961-bermuda.jpg?w=294&h=223[/img]

  • Ferrari 212 Inter
    [img] images.conceptcarz.com/imgxra/Ferrari/53_Ferrari-212_Inter_DV_13-EAH-01.jpg[/img]

  • Chevrolet Opala SS

    [img] fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/153/6/3/chevy_opala_ss_by_travagin_44-d3huoq1.jpg[/img]

  • >