• I guess you have to put the Ford F150 into the mix with the billions invested in aluminum bodies, which due to the reduced weight allows for motivation by smaller and lighter engines

  • The Ford F150 has achieved lightening a few hundred pounds over the past generation or two thanks to a switch from steel to aluminum.

  • The '77 GM B- and C-bodies (the big cars and the even bigger cars.)

    And then the C-bodies shrunk again onto FWD platforms in the late '80s. With the end of the Shamu B-body GM 'downsized' the Impala in similar fashion in the '90s, and so it goes with the other GM product that's survived, what had been big-car Buick nameplates are now on Jetta/Passat-size Opels.

  • The Mustang lost weight when it transitioned from the barge-stang of 1973 to the Mustang II in '74. Lost weight again when they killed the II and introduced the Fox in 1979.

  • The Lexus LS400 dropped about 100 pounds between the first and second generation, from 3760lbs to 3660lbs or so. It also got bigger – bigger AND lighter! Aluminum suspension arms, subframes, etc allowed that.

    The LS has since ballooned back up in weight.

  • I believe the Range Rover, Sport, and LR4 all lost a claimed 700+ pounds when the current generation came out due to extensive use of aluminum in the new models. Suppose you could add the F150 to the list too for the same reason.

  • Second generation Ford Probe and Mazda MX-6 lost about a hundred pounds over the first version – all the more impressive considering the top motor went from a turbocharged four banger to a DOHC V6.

    • I remember reading a piece of Ford literature talking about the content they'd taken out of the Probe to take some money out of it.

      It was also common to find a couple pounds to pull out of a car if it was on the boundary of EPA weight classes – smaller brake rotors, couple gallons smaller gas tank, etc.

  • The newest Camaro lost a bunch of weight when GM switched from the Aussie sigma, zeta, whatever platform to the alpha platform.
    Also, the Mazda RX-7 lost a bunch with the 3rd generation FD versus the old FC.

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