• I just saw a newer(>2013) Malibu in the middle of nowhere (South Central NE) getting filled up at the diesel pumps. I drove over to save the seemingly clueless lady who would have to jam it in anyway, then saw the "diesel" emblem.

    So 2014 Malibu Diesel…

    • ESK — Are you sure it wasn't a Chevy Cruze? They sold a 2014 Cruze diesel in the states, but from what I can gather from GM's website, the Malibu diesel isn't offered in the USA. They did make one for Europe, and it could be a GM owned test car. -Vince

  • OM617a from my '82 300D Turbo Mercedes-Benz….I'd have posted the D24 I owned, but that's a VW/Audi Diesel engine, made with 6-cylinders, for Volvo

  • Don't forget the Buick version of that 5.7th heaven. My cousin still drives his, got it in exchange for diesel repair( on another diesel vehicle). Nice and slow

  • Apparently a handful of AMC Eagles were converted to oil burners:

    [img] commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:%2780_AMC_Eagle_Turbo-Diesel_ad.jpg#/media/File:%2780_AMC_Eagle_Turbo-Diesel_ad.jpg[/img]

  • The GE comment is sort of a cheap shot. Profit is how companies operate and without it they don't operate. If you want to complain about how much some CEOs get paid that's different. What someone at VW did was a little different. The environmental impact was probably nil but they also hammered their competitors with this trickery and that probably means jobs lost or some number of new jobs not created. They kept other companies out of the segment because they appeared to be able to make an engine nobody else could.

    • Personally, I like a good conspiracy theory. The plan was hatched during Piech's reign. He was still p-o'd at Winterkorn who he always regarded as a poseur. Winterkorn succeeded in having Piech booted off the board, so Piech leaked the diesel tweak to oust Winterkorn and get him replaced with one of Piech's wunderkind from Porsche. Nothing like a disgruntled Porsche cousin to keep things interesting in the family.

    • Yeah, the thing is that what GE does is legal under current tax law and what VW did wasn't. We can argue about the form of Crapitalism that we have here in the U.S. where GE can influence the Gummint's implementation of the tax law to favor GE in exchange for campaign contributions and construction contracts using GE products. Don't get me started on Ex-Im and GE. Free markets and free minds…

  • AM General Hummer H1:

    Actually know someone that owns the gas fueled variant, and it's a big stupid thing. The location of the starter doesn't lend itself well to water crossings, and the petrol-powered H1's starter seems particularly hydrophobic. He's on his fourth starter now.

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