• There were a ton of clickbait headlines that implied Volvo was going electric-only starting in 2019, and they were misleading.

    The non-fake news is that starting in 2019, all Volvos will be electrified in some way, i.e. either hybrid gas/electric or full electric. So they will still sell gasoline & diesel engines in their vehicles, but only when paired with some manner of electric drive as well.

    Despite mob mentality, a mild hybrid is not an alternative fuel vehicle. 100% of the energy used to power the vehicle was originally stored in petroleum form, unless it's a plug-in hybrid, and even then there's a good chance it all came from fossil fuels anyway.

  • And to answer Vince's question in the post above…I'd chose either a 145 or 245 (wagon) for an all-electric conversion. Plenty o' space for batteries in the cargo area under the floor, plus tons of fun in the engine bay (especially 240).

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