• I'll propose:


    No personal contact with the car or seller but I'm told the ask is $8500 and the seller is andy dot 1 at musilli dot biz.

  • Some of us celebrate Italy on two wheels, from this morning:


    • Nice, what a beast! My father brought me up on Ducatis.
      In my little town there is a really cool collector named Guy Webster. He have events sometimes at his private collection.
      Doesn't get better than the Desmosound.

    • Even my wife, who is glad that everything I've purchased, since our daughter was born, has 4 wheels, will still turn and look whenever she hears a Ducati rumble by. Nothing makes a father more proud, than having a little girl who can tell the difference between Stevie Ray and Jimi Hendrix or a Honda V-twin and a Ducati!!

    • Sean, I have been to Guy's place with my riding club some years ago. Incredible collection. Love Ojai!

      Huns, Ducati's are musical instruments!

    • Sean, I have been to Guy's place with my riding club some years ago. Incredible collection. Love Ojai!

      Huns, Ducati's are musical instruments!

    • That is awesome! My dream bike is a 916. I know in modern day terms it is very archaic but to me it is just Italian ART.
      I built a little single Duc for ARMA racing but sadly sold it after having kids. I am slightly spooked. For now I just ride Italian bicycles and I am pretty sure it is as dangerous as motorcycles if not more.

  • note the colors on the Italian flag are the same as i used for the DT logo – not a coincidence, i just completely forgot about it until seeing the two next to each other – i made that badge today, a more somber symbol in place of our usual snark – same design as the French flag we've sadly needed a couple of times lately – drive safely

    You must match time’s swiftness with your speed in using it, and you must drink quickly as though from a rapid stream that will not always flow.

  • The rather modest Maserati Biturbo has always been a favorite of mine. Perhaps because it seems like an attainable exotic — at least to a kid growing up in the Midwest. Many examples can be had for under 20k and I think the design holds up 30 years later.

    [image src=" assets.bauer-wolke.co.uk/imagegen/p/800/-/s3/digital-cougar-assets-uk/MomoAds/2016/07/02/081251/20483_1.jpg" width="400px"/]

  • ww3.autoscout24.it/classified/283253121?asrc=st|as

    Ferrari V8, lots of wood and leather, good handling. of course it's a high mileage car, but it's the only one with the true automatic gearbox (instead of the flawed F1 gearbox). if you can live with the F1, this is a good plan B:


  • 1988 Milano Verde for 10K in the Bay Area.

    [image src=" images.craigslist.org/00W0W_iotDf6MIgze_1200x900.jpg" width="400px"/]

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