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    Here's an interesting find: an FD RX-7 wearing an RX-3 front clip.

  • There is absolutely nothing to defend about this ride. It's horrific in every way and that's before you even get to the price tag. I am just awestruck by of the level of commitment it took to finish this project… even after the crack ran out.
    1984 Chevy Camaro Z-28 "DreamRyder"

    "More DreamRyder please", you say? This YouTube link is for you. At the 7:20 mark, BEWARE. The Eye of Dreams will try and hypnotize you into logging on to Paypal and sending a deposit.

    • That thing is outrageous. Oh Mr. Huggy Bear, your car is ready. That rear end looks like it needs a pair of panties. I've never seen a car with plumber-butt before.

    • The crazy thing is that the fabrication skills are really good. The execution is just really bad.
      It definitely comes with LSD and I don't meant limited slip differential.

    • Any pimp would love that interior! Oddly enough, it does have Hanna-Barbera written all over it as well. Regardless, guy has skillz. I wonder if he made his own pipe too? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Always liked the GR-1 Concept
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