• 1. What trolls did before there was an Internet. Somebody entered a urinal in an art exhibit and pretended it was a sculpture.

    2. The Chrysler building. They wanted to hide how tall it was from a rival builder who also wanted the tallest tower in town, so the construction team built the spire inside it, then suddenly made it pop up overnight and welded it in place.

    3. Raymond Lowery.

    [image src=" theverge.com/2013/11/5/5068132/raymond-loewy-the-man-who-designed-everything#photo-4832123-4" width="400px"/]

    5. I'm not sure if it's the top speed or the maximum altitude.

    8. They're the "humanoids" that the Defender is supposed to be defending.

    • Good article there on Loewy – here's the link – Raymond Loewy: the man who designed everything

      one of my favorites:
      [image src=" cdn0.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/8T75o16rub3sMcb0oKGizvKCSA0=/1020×0/cdn0.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/2795162/Raymond-Loewy-streamlined-pencil-sharpener.1383657066.jpg" width="500px"/]

  • OK, so let me raise the stakes here: the best response wins a high quality print of their favorite DT badge or other square Kaibeezy original artwork suitable for framing – signed and dedicated too! – and if there are a couple three good answers, we could do more than one prize – that and a buck three eighty will get you across town!

  • #5 is the X-15. Set speed and altitude records, reaching the edge of outer space. According to wiki, as of September 2015, the X-15 holds the official world record for the highest speed ever recorded by a manned, powered aircraft. It could reach a top speed of 4,520 miles per hour (7,274 km/h), or Mach 6.72.

    • Think I got it. RIM Inter@ctive Pager. From90's gadget website:

      The Inter@active became a must-own for messaging mongers, allowing them to send and receive messages over the Internet through a wireless service. It beat owning one of those Motorola Advisor pagers. In 2003, RIM would advance to new mobile heights with the release of the first smartphone BlackBerry.

  • You said best, not most factually correct.

    #1 Marcel Duchamp's attempt to show French art critics what he thought of them
    #2 It's the Chrysler building, famous for being much better than the GM HQ building, but not as cool as the Henry Ford Museum. Also, it was never owned by the Chrysler corporation, Walt built it with his own money.
    #3 That was penned by the guy who made Studebakers look like P38s in 1950-1953.
    #4 Looks like a Dodge Stratus with a bodykit.
    #5 That's a Dodge Stratus without a bodykit.
    #6 That looks an awful lot like Vostok 1, the big pointy thing that carried Yuri Gagarin into space.
    #8 Small groups of pixels, they represent the meaninglessness of bringing art to a urinal competition
    #9 Pocket dictionary or translator?
    #10 The landline phone. It changed the world, but now it's mostly used to sell you membership to shit you don't want and for research groups to question you about which congressperson you think has the most crunchy hair.
    #10ALT A tunnel boring machine. They make a huge impact, and boring is literally in the name
    #11 Get said 11 year old into karting. Letting them play minecraft is a lot cheaper, though.

    • – correct re "best"

      – Vostok 1 was a mission – what's the rocket's обозначение?

      – re "bringing art to a urinal competition", i see you've played knifey spoony before

      – re 9 – very important device, not a PDA, dictionary or translator – you'd think it had been around longer but was only introduced in 1996, which is now 20 years ago, which seems like 5 years ago, which makes me an old

      – we had been to the big city indoor tracks several times, tried really hard, but just didn't enjoy them as much as we thought we would – then a couple of weeks ago we tried our small town, lower power, slapdashier, and not to mention half the price, local track, with longer straights, looser curves, rougher surface and way less rigid procedures and woo freaking hoo, it was waaaay more fun!

  • -Восток 3KA No.3

    -Is that the first digital label maker?

    -Go karts are more fun with fewer rules. If you've got access to space, yard karts and minibikes are great.

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