• Used to love these and almost bought a turbo unit back in the day. The big drawback then was that the 2.6L engine was subject to headgasket failures and cracked heads. I suspect the showstopper today is that most of the parts are made of unobtanium.

  • Doesn't that engine also have some kind of bizarre engine balancing system? The Turbo's performed ok for the day, but seems that my memory says the non-turbos were a lot slower than they should have been with that much engine displacement.

    • Yeah, it had a counterbalancing shaft that was advertised to make the engine operate more smoothly. I had an 82 Challenger with the 2.6. After the head cracked, I ratted up a junkyard engine to replace it. Before installing, I deleted it and noticed absolutely no increase in engine vibration. Unfortunately, I also noticed virtually no change in performance.

      Given the times, I wouldn't say they were dogs, but I agree that it's reasonable to expect more from such a large 4-cylinder…

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