• I have not been able to follow MB evolution closely enough. Do these fall into the "bank vault solid" category? And do they have the bio-degradable wiring harness that I have read about on this site? So many idle questions, since California continues to be stubbornly distant from my location…..

  • Yes, these are solid cars. The 1995 cars have engine harness and throttle body wiring degrading issues. Once you replace the those two pieces with good ones, you are set for good.

    • Sean — I owned a stock C36 AMG for a few years — it was a much torquier engine than the S50 in the E36 M3 (I owned one of those right after the C36)…and has an amazing sound track, even with the stock pipes. I think the manual would go a long way to making one of these a keeper.

  • Great cars. Shame the original shocks are gone. They could be rebuilt and were specific to the C36. Engine and throttle body harnesses fall apart and should be replaced.

    These are fast, handle well from the factory, are much larger and faster than the M3. The sound when you put your foot in it are worth the price of admission.

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