• Very nice longroof, and a classic that I think you could live with as semi-daily driver, in many environments. I like the marque-consistent upgrades that were made (high-backed seats and the later 2.0L engine). The mechanical photos give confidence that it has had good care. I would want to examine the "bodywork" done by the previous owner. Mediocre paint doesn't bother me, but Bondo would. $9K feels like strong money, but sadly the market has been driven up over the last several years. At least part of the blame for that lies with "that other site" that the seller is threatening us with.

    • I'm enjoying mine as a DD in southcentral AK… will need some post-winter attention, but gets the job done and starts quickly enough at -10F/-23C.

  • Knew it had a Seattle connection with Dick's drive in the featured photo it is a cult around these part's.
    There slogan is "Come get a bag of Dick's"……..

  • Brownie points for license plate "Pipi" referring to Pipi Longstocking, strong willed red headed girl character in children's books by author Astrid Lindgren.

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