• The only things 1975 here are the 1975 ID tag and the pretty common swap for the single headlight grill.

    The dash, smaller bumpers, black side trim, tail lights are all from a later car. This looks to be an early 80's on 245. I guess it could have all been changed, but the one-year only 75' wagon in excellent condition would be worth more stock to a collector. The incentive to change a 75 to look newer doesn't exist. The incentive to switch ID tags obviously exists.

  • Agree with Tom. As a former 245 owner, I can say there is no way this is actually a '75. If you can live with that, though, there's something great to be had here.

  • The cowl is correct for a pre-86. It could very well have started out as a '75 and had literally everything swapped over. The lack of rear bumper trim holes also indicate the body is pre-'83. The doors are definitely from a newer 240, double felt door seals and accordion boots over the wiring give that away. I would have to look at the car in person to make a final judgement but nothing in the photos indicate that this is a VIN-swapped car.

  • literally the only time someone in NY can say, I'm glad I don't live in California. My '95 chevy doesn't have to pass emission, which consists of hooking up a a state scan tool and checking for codes. There's plenty of clearing codes, driving it for a day or 2 then getting back to the garage before the light pops on again. Good times.

    Oh and its a sweet brick. A little too nice for me, I wouldn't be able to throw the kids and the dog in the back without feeling bad.

  • Ugh…I've been on a bit of a binge lately and then this shows up, just to tempt me into yet another questionable decision. Seriously, my neighbors have stopped talking to me. This one even has A/c, for Pete's sake.

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