• I'm guessing it is a Triumph GT6 with some body strakes added, the rear windows filled in, and something welded on to its tail after the rear fenders. Front looks kind of like a Volvo 1800.

    BTW, I'm seeing one of your ads sending me to a page claiming to be pushing "Urgent Chrome Update – Download Now." Not touching that with a 10 foot Ethernet cable, but it's obvious someone's hijacked your ads to push malware.

  • First, on behalf of Canada, I am really sorry about this car! I would love to figure out what it was before the drugs took effect. Usually the roof and door frames give some clue, but I did not spot anything specific. That steering rack could be a good lead, if it is original to this "car". I look forward to more speculation.

  • The nose of the car looks kind of like a Gilbern, but nothing else matches. Maybe the top got smashed as some point and was replaced with this horrible mash up.

  • Looking at that steering rack..I've never seen that set up before. Is it driven by what appears to be a flexible cable covered by a rubber boot?! If they were using stock parts, that would seem to be a pretty good place to start trying to identify what it was built on, but I'm envisioning the moment when there's a load on it and that starts dancing around like a bound up drain snake and the car continues its path. Which may also explain what happened to the other 6 cars, that the ad references as its mechanical siblings.

    • Huns, you might not be aware, but early production 1967 Mustang Fastbacks were equipped with the rare snake-and-pinion steering setup.

  • The steering rack itself looks like it could be a stock Triumph Spitfire / GT6 piece. That steering column though is like none I've ever seen – and hopefully I'll never see a steering column like that again.

  • I'll take "best use of old house window glass" for $400, Alex…

    Stan (who thinks the glass window shards from this car, when wrecked, could make a spectacular slasher film…)

  • Good call on the Italia front sheet metal – but I'm convinced it's a GT6 from the cowl back, except for the last 6" or so. Roofline and rear fenders are spot on for the GT6.

  • The most shocking part (other than the fact that the windshield actually appears to have a slight curve) is that it was licensed in Canada. We are NOT a kit car friendly country so somewhere under there lurks a real car. Still waiting for all you wizards to figure out which one.

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