• Better to cut big chunks out of the hood or roof of a Suburban or something like that.

      Street signs around here are heavy-gauge aluminum, which means bimetallic corrosion in a steel car. The cookie sheets are just too small.

      18ga sheet steel is cheap at the local metal yard.

      The street sign aluminum is worth more just on resale, just don't sell it to someone who's going to have the cops asking where you got it.

  • The good:

    a) I like the pre-bumper '02s.
    b) The price is right
    c) I've got a rotisserie that'd fit this thing beautifully.

    The bad:

    a) No room
    b) No time
    c) Car's way the hell over there and I'm way the hell over here.

  • If you haven't read Rob's book "Memiors of a Hack Mechanic" I highly recommend it. Almost as good as the Peter Egan books containing collections of his Rodent Track and Psycho World columns.

    • Looks like you are! Welcome to DT! Or , if you've been lurking, welcome back! Looking forward to reading your book.

    • I'd imagine that a person might be in a tough position as the author of a book like Mr. Spiegel's. Folks might think you know everything about BMWs and maybe even cars in general, to the point where it would be uncomfortable just shooting the breeze on the general subject. Making even the tiniest factual error could cause readers to jump down your throat.

      If your book is really focused on what your experience was/is, that doesn't necessarily mean you're an expert outside of that (but you would be on what you wrote about, of course – because you wrote it!). The book I wrote was on such a niche field, that it's hard not to be an "expert", but I still get people coming up to me and trying to stump me on the subject. It's absolutely possible even given the narrow field – but it's still difficult nonetheless.

      I'd love to hear Mr. Spiegel's take on whether he's uncomfortable or not participating in online forums like DT.

    • Shhhh K2, he barely comes around enough as it is….don't scare him off with rapidfire multi-posts. It would seem your Bimmerphobia may have you unfamiliar with Rob—-he IS an expert (and a helluva nice guy too).

    • I'm sure he is and I'd love it if he'd de-lurking. We need more people like him on DT. Maybe I'll even change my mind about BMWs! Sure. Plus, I'm sure he's no delicate flower and can speak for himself. In the meantime I have to finish these books before I can dig into his, which I'm looking forward to.

      [img] i.imgur.com/nFuqQoi.jpg?1[/img]

      I enjoyed reading his blog, BTW. Well worth reading, especially the bit about the Kennedy bomb shelter.

    • AND asking me to not ask questions…is like asking me to chop off my own arm. But I hear you FTB. Still, I'm not going to do it even though I know your heart is in the right place.

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