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      For the price of a years property tax one could live free. I don't think I could handle my kids living with me in this though.

    • Tents. Put the kids in tents. When I was a kid, my best friend's parents had a '64 VW Camper. I went camping with them a couple of times. The parents slept in the camper, we slept in tents.

  • My buddy, Joe, buys and sells RV's. His comment: "I never buy an RV or travel trailer that's over seven years old. After that, they start to leak at the seams. They all do. Then dry rot gets in, and you're done. Most of 'em are low mileage, cos they're only used on vacations. But those miles are hard miles, so don't be fooled by so-called low mileage, cherry vehicles."

    • You're not wrong. However, these are all fiberglass construction and the roof cap fits over the top and runs down the side, so they are a little more robust than your typical RV.

    • Another reason that they are low mileage is that they sit a lot. Engines like to be used. Many Cs blow an engine around 40K because of this.

    • The couch/bed is recovered. Add a properly garish 70s color and pattern to brighten up the interior…

  • Low tech and basic American mechanicals that you can keep on the road relatively affordably. Actually, probably a really good option for someone joining Nomadland

    FYI, "Nomadland" is a study of the subculture of folks who have dropped out of the mainstream economy, and now live in a variety of vehicles, as they follow seasonal employment around the USA. Many are the core of Amazon's peak-season workforce. The book makes interesting if unsettling reading.

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