• I only missed the smart logo because well I guess I'm not smart after all. As a Jeopardy fan I always get a kick out of the easy car categories that the academic geniuses struggle with. They have them fairly often, but it's rare that they have a single person who is knowledgeable about makes and models.

    • Yeah, I didn't say it wasn't going to be easy.

      There are substantially more Smarts here in Noruk than there are even in Norcal, land of the Prius and other "responsible" crackerboxes, but that was definitely the last name I filled in, and even then only after I saw the yellow part.

      Bugatti is obvious once you see the initials in the color version.

      V for Vauxhall, but Skoda is actually interesting. Their logo looks like a winged arrow, exactly the kind of thing that you'd expect to have had a more delineated precursor — an arrow that clearly looks like an arrow and a wing that clearly looks like a separate wing. But no, that logo appears to have arrived in exactly that style in 1933, with no change since.

      [image src=" i.pinimg.com/originals/6d/33/aa/6d33aa4059d814557cfe835d517e03a6.jpg" width="400px"/]

    • Yeah my gut was telling me Vauxhall right away, but right before I clicked off I was thinking could it be Skoda? We do have one Smart car in my small town, but I haven't taken a close look at one since they were new in the states.

  • I missed 5, dang! In my defense, they were all cars not sold in the country I live in, except for Smart which I am a little bit proud that I missed. Thank for the fun quiz!

  • Thanks for some good fun! Without even seeing the back of the sheet, I got all but the Smart. But frankly, how does that logo relate the the Smart anyway?

  • The Bugatti logo in black and white is pretty impossible, sort of blinged up ford looking, but easy in color
    I got everything else but the Lancia which looked like
    [image src=" lofrev.net/wp-content/photos/2016/05/Old-Mazda-Logo-Sign-250×150.jpg" width="250px"/]

  • I found this easy, but I'm the kinda guy who watched all the (new) old episodes of Top Gear several times each, and I think about fixing cars about as often as most men think about sex.

    I love all the old Mazda logos, their new (if you can still call it that this many years on) one is actually disappointing, I think.

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