• Six cylinders??

    If that is a GTi Turbo II engine and original to this car , this is a pretty special car.
    I wonder if it has a Citroen VIN number and title or if the VIN number and title is from Prestige motors who was importing and modifying these cars in the 80s

    if those headlights are off of a Pontiac and it has a self canceling turn signal I bet it’s a Prestige.

    • I was thinking "Only Citroen would design a six cylinder intake manifold with four parallel runners like that!" The transverse engine over a transaxle looks surprisingly normal; I had been expecting to see an engine mounted entirely behind the front axle like a DS.

  • Interesting French transverse front-engine limo with the pneumatic suspension. It certainly does not look like the description with that 4 cyl (2.4 l turbo FWD) and not RWD. If memory serves me right, in the 80's, the US import rules were very specific for head lights, and it has a US speedo.

  • Seems like a lot when I'd want to switch out the wheels and headlights. The turbo and manual would make for a more relaxed cruiser. I have the NA 2.5l with the 3 speed auto and it's a little lethargic but oh so comfortable.

  • Buy this car as a paperweight. Or as a work of art.

    Just sit, and look at the car.

    Because that's what you're going to do anyways, if you try to drive it.

    -Stan (the Francophile Stan…)

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