• "…if the owner didn’t have a Plymouth Sundance and Lee Iacocca Limo subjected to the same stream-of-consciousness JC Whitney hotline ordering process, both sitting in the driveway."

    I clicked on the link just to see that. Those K-car limos did not make much sense to begin with, and chrome-bombing one takes it to the next level of pretension. I was not disappointed.

  • What you have here is proof positive that you can in fact polish a turd, you can in fact install two Continental kits and 'super fly' headlight trims on one, but in the end you still have a turd.

    The asking price on this thing is pure comedy, though maybe there's someone out there who wants to relive the '80s he spent face-down in a bottle of Mad Dog.

  • Ha! That's a great market assessment. The market for this car is further slimmed down as most people who have been face down on Mad Dog haven't come up, and if the have, they don't have five digits of money.

  • That whip in the background is not a Limo, gents. That is a standard issue Chrysler New Yorker, circa 1983 – 1988. Well, with some of the same additions that it's big brother Caddy is wearing as well. I washed, waxed and applied Rusty Jones paint protectant to my fair share of them, getting them ready for delivery during my stint as a porter way back at my first "real" job.

    You do have to admit that this Caddy really is in pretty nice shape. You don't see the engine compartments and interiors of those cars looking that nice very often anymore. Super Fly or not, she's been cared for. I wonder if you could remove all the "options" relatively easily to end up with a super clean, low mileage, mediocre 80's car? It might actually draw a higher selling price if you pulled all that trim. Speaking of pulling trim, you gotta wonder how well this car succeeded at doing exactly that back in the 80's…

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