• Excellent story! I loved the initial plan. It is something I had never considered, but makes so much sense. It would have been a happy ending if you had just gotten home and executed the sale as planned. But now there is depth! I hope we hear more about the Concord.

  • Nice find Matt – and a great story to go with it!

    I’ll add this to the DT Project Car section, using the “Project Car” tag, which you can do for future posts. Please do keep us updated on the Concord. With that winey grape color palette it’s sure to make your neighbors jelly.

  • I have been looking for an AMC Concord sedan (WANTING the velour seats not the leather!) as a "grocery getter" – as my bank, markets, dentist, doctor, HOME DEPOT, HARBOR FREIGHT, etc. are all within 1-2 miles of home. Most everywhere I go are a line of compact parking spots that my full-size GMC truck could fit into but I wouldn't be able to open the doors nor either could the vehicles next to me. Have found 2 in the 50,000s odometer readings (article didn't say the miles on yours).

    Reasonably priced but the shipping would add another $1000 to Southern California (one-way flight, motels, food figured to be higher – then the 'fear' of some unspeakable mechanically happening – though seen the AMC straight 6 referred to as 'bullet proof').

    • Well I'll be sure to let you know when I sell it! It's a fantastic car and I highly recommend it. If you're willing to be patient, definitely go for an Eagle wagon.

    • Here are interesting posts(there are 10 of them) from Becky of Seattle who purchased a 1980 Concord for $75:


  • Well…apparently driving a hardly seen today AMC Concord with an "I Love Meth" bumper sticker, deteriorated tires and thirty plus year old license tags raises nary an eyebrow in the heartland of this GREAT and HUGE country. Nothing to see here folks! Move along. And you wonder why the next president is who he is. Anthropologists step up!

  • Loved the story and a buddy who insists on driving long distances with cars that have 30 year old tires. leaking water pumps and no working wiper/washer in rainy weather. Not really my thing, I like having the tool box and good brakes & tires. I suggest you don't try to cross the border with that sticker. I love the wheels you found, they add real class to that car. vanman north of the border

    • Yeah, I usually like to be more prepared too. The shot tires were a bit of a surprise as the seller assured me they were only a couple years old. Lies!

      And I'm with you on the wheels, they were a good find. I'm saving the old steelies and getting some dog dishes for it, just in case.

  • That meth is Crack….Car looks like a hot wheels slot car now…. any other tasty 8track titles found ? I here they go for big money these days….LMAO

  • I recognized the vintage Indiana plates (Wayne County per the first 2 digits) and had to check out the story. What an enjoyable read. I, too, appreciate the finished product. Great look with the white walls!

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