• Thanks guys, all of the above is why I find myself spending a lot more time here than at other sites who don't seem to know who they nor their readers are. Appreciate all you do.

  • Hey, I thought I was clicking on a story about a new Italian touring car, the DT Manifesto. I thought that photo looked a lot like a Porsche Carrera with bad rings…….

    Seriously, I salute you all for keeping the site true to its goals.

    You may expect me to push back against the cheap shots at French cars, but I will do so with a crispy baguette, and with a Gitane dangling from my lip. Sacré Bleu!

    • Bobinot — you'll notice that the license plate on that smoke machine has an F with the EU Star symbol on it, but it was not a subtle dig at the French, just a picture I took in Le Mans a few years ago.


    • Well dang, you're right! How did I miss that Easter egg, which clearly was hidden just for ME?

      So was that a French-market-only Porsche Carrera Diesel? Gawd knows they LOVE their frickin' oil-burners over there….

  • ~ Well, that clears up a lot of misconceptions for me. I thought this was all in my imagination.

    Great read, as always, Vince. It's been a fine ride!

  • Absolutely best manifesto I've ever read. Only manifesto I've ever read word for word, but that's not really the point. The point is, like 'most everything I read here, it was fun to read. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • What! Does this mean you won't have auctions with over-priced cars? 8^)

    BTW… I'll try to put together a few pictures of the Volvo/Lincoln Gilmore meet next week to see if you want to use them. It was a heck of week with Detroit area flooding and work.

  • This is the best "fun car stuff" site ever.
    Ummm your store!!! Some time ago I was supposed to get my mailing address to you folks to get some stickers for my race car. Just a small update on that. Next year I'll be begging you folks for a few as my time is very limited and I never did get that thing on the track. Someday soon I'll send some pics of its current state so maybe it can be placed on the reader rides article.
    Love the site.

    • I'm really pumped about the future of volitional fish passage. Salmon cannon manufacturer Wooshh has even more videos posted here.

      Seems as though the "cannon" was originally constructed for apple shooting duties, then used to transport dead fish in the fishing industry, and now they're allowed to swim in on their own volition and get the upstream ride of their lives.

  • I have a request. Would it be possible to get a black DT t-shirt, specifically the one with the Stig on it? I realize it's not the Stig but it bears some resemblance and you know what I mean. As much as I love the other shirt designs, they don't scream DT and if I'm going to be a walking billboard I want to be loud and proud about it. Just in a black t-shirt, is all.

    • Here's your answer, ninja-boy…NO YOU CANNOT HAVE A BLOODY BLACK T-SHIRT with the DT logo on it. Stop being a shadow in the night and just get on the hipster bandwagon! Nobody wears black, ya dolt.

  • Can you advise how to avoid the double and triple copies that happen when I post a comment. I only hit the blue publish button once so I am not sure why it appears 2 or 3 times in a row in the comments section. My occasional witty comment becomes less witty when you see it multiple times and my often foolish comments become "foolisher" upon multiple viewings… Thanks

    • Paul, I've seen the triple comments over the years, but can't understand what causes it or why. Try clearing the cache on your browser (history, passwords, etc) and see if it continues. Unfortunately, the commenting widget source code is owned by blogger/google, so there isn't much I can do about it other than submit a bug report that will be ignored.


  • Just wanted to thank you for adding to my car addiction problem. As if dragging my tired butt through thousands of CL ads plus hitting up three or four collector car sites plus having an awkward teen-like crush with a different wheeled wonder every day wasn't enough, along comes DT with cars that I can actually *afford* to buy.

    Thanks to you guys my self talk has gotten louder and I have to come up with even MORE reasons why driving 3000 miles to California to buy a 'one of kind' abandoned project is not a good idea.

    My wife is not impressed with you. She's heard me say, "hey look at this" so many times she wouldn't look if I was showing her all the shoes in the world were on sale at 99% off. Oh well, my dog still thinks I'm ok.

    Keep up the good work. I'm sure you're all going to retire rich from selling this site for 3.6 billion in a couple of years, so enjoy your ordinary existence while you can, before the Jay Leno-esque ability to buy and restore anything you want ruins what's left of your self control.


    • hey, just noticed this comment – so sorry to have contributed to your present condition – the cure can only be a miata, fiero, el camino, volvo with a v8 transplant, or the best car ever made: either a W126 or an E28 if it has to have a stick – until then, post a bunch more comments and we'll see you at pebble beach in 2019

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